Birth announcement: Caroline Mary!

A mama who emailed me not too long ago with some last-minute name questions for her first baby just let me know her baby has arrived — the beautifully named Caroline Mary! Shannon writes,

We had our precious baby girl on September 8th (4 days early, so our correspondence was right on time!) and named her Caroline Mary. We loved your Caroline suggestion!! Such a unique and special way to honor Saint Pope John Paul II. She was born on Our Lady’s birthday, so Mary was the perfect middle name.”

Shannon and her husband really wanted to honor St. John Paul II, and I just love that Caroline hit the right note for them! I love love it paired with Mary, and so amazing that she was born on Our Lady’s birthday! What a blessed baby!

Congratulations to Shannon and her husband, and happy birthday Baby Caroline!!

Caroline Mary


Caroline with her Mama!


11 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Caroline Mary!

  1. Aaaah, I went info labor the morning of Sept. 8th with my first, and SO THOUGHT he would share Mary’s birthday!!! But the stinker took forever and arrived in the 9th! Congrats to this family. The name is perfect and stunning, as is her birthday, as is mom and baby herself!

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