Baby name consultant: Boy name struggles for #4

Carrie from the blog The Chuff Chronicles and her husband are expecting their fourth baby and second son!

Their older kiddos are:

Travis Joseph Derek
Clare Marie Thérèse (“yes, the accent marks are on her birth certificate“)
Gemma Kateri Rose

I love each one of those combos!!

Carrie writes,

We cannot agree on boys’ names. We were lucky our first boy was a namesake, because we cannot agree on any other names. Names that I love, he does not, and vice versa. We managed to whittle down our short list of almost-agreed-upon boy’s names to: Dominic (I like this more than he does), Leo (he likes this more than I do), Gavin (he LOVES this name but I don’t want to agree to it), Benjamin (he likes it, I’m meh on it), and Damien/Damian (this seems to be the #1 choice right now for both of us, assuming I don’t give in on Gavin, but I’m not sure I’m feeling it).

We’ve gone through lists of boy’s names — I LOVE Irish names (like Ronan!), he does not…except Kilian, which I don’t like. I’d prefer it would be an actual Saint’s name, and not a VERSION of a Saint’s name, or a name that isn’t associated with a Saint at all. But if it’s a really good name, maybe not? Marian titles would be ok [but] I can’t think of any boy’s names associated with titles of Our Lady?

(Just so you all know, I LOVE coming up with Marian names for boys! As you’ll see below, Miles was my suggestion for them. As usual. 😉 )

So this consultation is a bit different because the info above is what Carrie had told me when she first emailed me over the summer, before they were expecting. I suggested several names in my consultation based on what she said above, which Carrie responds to below, which will help you know what names have already been considered and dismissed as they weren’t quite right:

I wanted to respond to your name suggestions from your last e-mail, and let you know what we had discussed, so you have an idea of where we’re coming from!

(1) Eamon/Edmund — Hubby vetoed this one right off the bat. Sigh! Though I do like Edmund. He doesn’t like that most people would see it and say, “EE-mon,” and doesn’t like the nickname “Ed” for Edmund.

(2) Oliver — I LOVE Oliver. But Derek doesn’t like it, so he vetoed it. Sigh again!

(3) Shane — We can’t use Shane because we have a friend named Shane.

(4) Garrett — We both weren’t fans of this one. Plus “Agents of Shield” is a favorite show of ours, and one of the villains was Garrett, so that put the nail in the coffin on this one!

(5) Colin — We can’t choose this one because a family friend named their son Colin.

Other names you suggested:

— Rory — not the biggest fan; makes me think of a stuffed lion or something, haha! I LOVE Gregory but Derek doesn’t. Sigh yet again! 😉
— Jasper — I actually suggested this one! But Derek vetoed. Plus, it’s the name of the bad guy in 101 Dalmatians, so that’s a strike against it.
— Miles — unfortunately, we weren’t big fans of this name. Not quite sure why, to be honest!

SEE HOW PICKY WE ARE?!?!? It’s nuts!

This response of Carrie’s made me laugh!! I think my favorite was that one of the strikes against Jasper is the villain on 101 Dalmatians! That’s so fabulous! 😀 So: Eamon, Edmund, Oliver, Shane, Garrett, Colin, Rory, Gregory, Jasper, and Miles are all off the table.

Carrie continues:

So, Derek and I sat down and I put my top three names on one side, and he put his top three names on the other. On his list was “Liam,” and I thought, hmmm…I think I could grow to like that one. Then I fell in LOVE with it! It’s close enough to its “origin name” of William that it’s not too far removed from a Saint name, and yet it’s Irish (!!!) and it’s not William (which Derek didn’t like, because of the inevitable nicknames of Will or Willy)! So we decided to use it. Then I had a DREAM that his middle name was Aquinas — something I had never even REMOTELY considered until I had that dream, and I fell in love with it and am OBSESSED with it for a middle name now! So Liam Aquinas Mark was our choice (Mark is after Derek’s dad) and BINGO!!!

Except now Derek is second guessing it and says he thinks he wants to change it! He’s offering Dominic, which was my original #1 choice — but now I’m in love with Liam, and am not sure I want to go back to Dominic. (But who would turn down their original #1 choice?)

Derek likes Ethan, Damian, Silas, and Ian — names that are nice on other kids, but not that I can imagine on my own kid, if that makes sense? I’m weird and it bothers me that, for Ian, the upper case “i” often looks like a lower case “L,” and we all know that Damian has that association with “The Omen” … Ethan and Silas aren’t faves of mine and I’d choose Dominic or insist on Liam before I’d choose one of those.

We also considered Nicholas but dislike the nickname “Nick” enough that we won’t use it. We’re confident enough that “Nick” isn’t an inevitable or common nickname for Dominic that we’re ok with Dominic.

So, Liam Aquinas Mark Chuff was the original name (names = LAM, and I was going to call him Lammy as a cutesy nickname at home!). I’m seriously considering Dominic Aquinas Mark, but you get a weird “cuck” sound between Dominic and Aquinas, though maybe I’m reading way too much into that. Plus his initials would be DAM–well, officially DAMC, so maybe that’s not a big deal. What do you think? Dominic Mark Aquinas flows a little better, but like I said, I reallllly want Aquinas to be the first middle name and may well insist on our original name after all.

Anyway, I would LOVE to get your thoughts!!!

Whew!! Baby naming is HARD y’all!! (Also — that darn movie! The Omen! Note to all of you: If you’re going to make a horrible book or movie or write a terrible character, just don’t use any names at all. Maybe use numbers or just letters.)

So of course I have lots of thoughts! (Big surprise! 😀 ) First off, I’m very confident Carrie and her hubs will come up with something they both like, since she was able to come around on Liam and now love it, and he was able to come around on Dominic and is now suggesting it. So funny!!

I do think Liam Aquinas Mark is pretty amazing. Lammy as a cutesy nickname is adorable! I also like Dominic Aquinas Mark, and though I can see what Carrie means about the “cuck” it doesn’t bother me. I think the initials DAM would bother me more if this were my son, mostly because Carrie has discussed initials as the source of a possible nickname, so the last initial C has already been ignored when talking about initials. But again, DAMC is what the real initials would be, and it’s not that terrible.

I couldn’t help but notice that with Ethan, Ian, Damian, and Liam being names that are being discussed by the two of them right now (leaving Silas and Dominic out for a moment), the long “E” sound is pretty huge for them (especially for Carrie’s husband — consider that he also liked Kilian and Leo). Not only that, but “I” is how the long “E” sound is gotten in three of those four (also Kilian), and Silas and Dominic are both pretty “I” heavy. So I didn’t really use the Baby Name Wizard much this time around (having really made use of it in my first attempt at suggestions for them), focusing this time most on names that I think have similar sounds and/or appearance:

(1) Kian/Cian
When I first started thinking about the most recent iteration of this couple’s dilemma, this name seemed to me to be the perfect answer: it’s like a combination of all the sounds they’ve been talking about! It rhymes with Ian, it looks similar to Liam, it’s basically Kilian with the problematic “kill” part deleted. There’s a St. Cian of Wales and a Bl. Thomas Kian; it’s a legit and current Irish boy name — when I studied abroad in Ireland I knew a couple of them, who all spelled it Cian I believe, but Kian is a fine variant. I love either Cian Aquinas Mark or Kian Aquinas Mark — Cam/Kam is a great nickname for a boy, I’ve always loved it.

(2) Kieran/Ciaran
This is another Irish saint name — there are actually two of them — and it has such a similar rhythm to the other names Carrie and her hubs are talking about. Kieran (can also be spelled Ciaran) Aquinas Mark is very handsome and retains the possibility of KAM/CAM initials.

(3) Campion
All this talk of CAM/KAM reminded me of one of my favorite ways to get to the nickname Cam for a boy: Campion. I’d originally suggested Eamon/Edmund for this family, for St. Edmund Campion, but what about his last name? Campion has that long “E” sound! Actually, the sound of “Ian” is the exact sound at the end of the name. So I would even say (crazy namer alert!) that Ian could work as a nickname if Carrie or her hubs wanted to. Campion Aquinas Mark is really handsome too, and it’s kind of cool that his initials would be the same as the first three letters of his name.

(4) Some form of Elijah
I was specifically thinking of Elliott (with its long “E” sound and the L’s that they also seem to like) — it originated as a diminutive of Elias, which is the Greek form of Elijah, and Elias is another name I think they might like. Eli and Elijah are both nice, but Elliott and Elias were the variants I thought they might like most (I know Carrie doesn’t like variants! But I’m definitely thinking farther afield for them in this email).

(5) Xavier
Xavier is similar to Dominic with its super-heavy-hitting saintliness, and it’s got another feature that Carrie (or maybe her husband more so) seem to like: vowel clusters. Liam, Damian, Ian, Kilian, Leo all have them, so Xavier fits right in with that. It’s not an Irish name, but a fun tidbit is that my grandfather was Irish — born and raised — and his middle name was Xavier (and his first name was not Francis). So I’ve always considered it a sort of Irish name! Or at least one that has some traditional/long-time use in Ireland.

(6) Adrian or Aidric
Adrian also has that vowel cluster, and it’s also similar to Dominic in style. It’s papal and saintly, and you all may remember that reader Amanda named her baby Adrian, middle name Leo. She and her husband had also considered Silas, as Carrie and her hubs are considering, and Amanda also liked the name Declan, which ties into Carrie’s Irish name love. So I feel like her ideas might be inspiring to Carrie!

Aidric was another of the names that Amanda was considering — he was a French saint, and Abby at Appellation Mountain spotlighted the name here.

(7) Declan
All this talk about Declan makes me wonder if Carrie and her hubs might like it? He was an Irish saint, and was actually evangelizing there before St. Patrick arrived!

And those are my ideas! What do you all think? What would you suggest for Travis, Clare, and Gemma’s baby brother?

17 thoughts on “Baby name consultant: Boy name struggles for #4

  1. I was going to suggest Elliot 😀 Such a great name that I think would go really well with their other kids names.

    I would probably push really hard for Liam Aquinas Mark if I were Carrie. It just seems like the *right* name for them.

    Caleb also came to mind for me for them. Caleb Aquinas Mark works, so does Caleb Mark Aquinas. Thought it would repeat initials and idk if their against that or not–I would probably say yes because of how picky they are otherwise (not a bad thing! I’m super picky too!)

    I also thought maybe Gideon, but there’s that repeating initial again.

    What about Owen? It’s Irish, not super uncommon, super handsome, and pretty classic. I know a few Owens and I’ve always loved it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “Note to all of you: If you’re going to make a horrible book or movie or write a terrible character, just don’t use any names at all. Maybe use numbers or just letters.”


    You know, like in Twilight, where a shy, clumsy girl named 3.9 falls in love with a hottie vampire named 4.75?

    This is a cultural trope that needs to happen. Collectively decide that we’re going to replace the perfectly lovely names of the characters in bad books with numbers.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. 😄😄😄…What a great job on wrapping your mind around many, many details…Wow! Have to say, your suggestions are great! Having said that, I do love Liam Aquinas Mark…God bless the naming of this little one!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Carrie and her husband may be having trouble with this boy’s name, but they have excellent name taste for girls! So many beautiful names and wonderful patrons!

    I understand Carrie’s issues with the way the first name flows with the middle Aquinas. A is a tricky initial for a middle. I think the best letter to end the first name is L. A name ending in L sounds great with an A middle name. My idea for them, considering that they like the sound E, is Neal.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I don’t know how anyone could not love Miles! It’s probably my most favorite, except it breaks my rule about not using names that end in S because our last name starts with S. I think Campion and Liam are the winners here!

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Having a son named Eamon, I can say that your hubby is right! People mispronounce it all the time! I’m always saying “Eamon, like Damon” and even though it’s my very favorite Irish boy name, it’s annoying to constantly have to do that. Declan on the other hand (also my son’s name) is so sweet and Irish and pronounce-able!! I’ll be excited to know what they pick!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Liam really does go with the sibset in my opinion, although separately I love Dominic. Adrian and Declan are particularly appealing suggestions for me.

    Yes! I wish authors etc. wouldn’t use perfectly lovely names on evil characters! I love the name Damian but I always think ‘Someone would mention The Omen’ and I haven’t even seen The Omen! I think I could be convinced to use numbers instead, lol.

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  8. First time on your site! Love it so far! It popped up on my friend Jenny’s FB wall yesterday as a favorite blog. 🙂 One of my bff’s named a son “Brogan” and at first I thought it odd, but I came to learn that St. Brogan was an Irish saint. His fest is Sept 17. As I have gotten to know him, I now love his name, too. Maybe they can warm up to that?

    Also, I have a “Miles” so I looove that name. And we’re pregnant with #4. May have to search your archives for some good choices. xoxo- Holly

    Liked by 1 person

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