Birth announcement: Dominic Maximilian Mark!

I posted a consultation for Carrie from The Chuff Chronicles and her husband Derek back in March and she’s let me know her baby boy has arrived and been given the so-handsome name … Dominic Maximilian Mark!

Carrie writes,

I wanted to be sure to let you know via email that our baby boy is HERE! Born May 6, 2016 at 8lb 5oz! We named him Dominic Maximilian Mark and are so in love with our newest little one!!!

I wanted to also share an explanation of his name choice, because according to your very gracious and helpful consultations, Maximilian as the first middle name seems somewhat out in left field, huh?!

We had finally come to a conclusion to settle on Dominic. That was a hard decision to come to, but in the end, it just seemed right. I know I originally wanted an Irish name, but my favorite Irishman is a Dominican priest, so it has a little bit of a connection to Ireland for me anyway!

Then we decided his full name would be Dominic Aquinas Mark.  It doesn’t flow as perfectly as some other choices, maybe, but I realized that the meaning behind a name means so much more to me than “flow.” For example, to get name ideas, I like to look at the lists of names of the Sisters in different religious communities, like the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist – some of the Sisters’ names don’t necessarily “flow,” but they’re obviously very full of meaning and so, so beautiful! So, that was the same sort of idea behind Dominic Aquinas Mark, and we were all set on this name.

Then, a very kind friend made some “taggie” blankets for our baby, and wrote his initials on one of them: DAM Chuff. Oh dear! WHY hadn’t I thought of this?!? There’s no way that would do. We HAD to change it. Those initials are terrible.

So, Derek and I prayed about it, then sat down and hashed it out. He thought that it would be really cool if this baby shared his initials, DMMC, since Travis (our firstborn) shared his actual name, Derek, as his second middle name. I thought, hmm, that’s a good possibility. It would narrow down our search for a middle name considerably, too.

Derek latched onto Matthew as a possibility, which really surprised me. I wasn’t immensely fond of it; not that I don’t love St. Matthew, but we already have an evangelist in his name! I thought Maximilian, after St. Maximilian Kolbe, would be perfect. I have a devotion to him, and Derek had been to Auschwitz in college, so he had a connection to him, as well. Derek wasn’t fully on board, though.

So we let it simmer for a while. We went to the Easter Vigil at a Byzantine parish, and that’s when I thought METHODIUS! What a perfect name! It’s super Catholic and BOLD! Derek didn’t like it … meth + odious just seemed terrible to him. But I loved it! Then we thought, well, what about Maximus, after St. Maximus the Confessor? So we settled on that. But … it just didn’t seem to FIT. I kept going back to Maximilian, which seemed so perfect to complete our little boy’s name. Especially after how obsessed I had been with the name Aquinas…the fact that I was really latching onto Maximilian, even to the point of liking it MORE than Aquinas, was very telling!

Aside from St. Maximilian being a great Saint who means a lot to us, I thought 3 syllables + 4 syllables + the 1 syllable each of Mark AND Chuff seemed to balance everything out, too. So finally, Derek got on board. And that’s how we got our little guy’s name!

Thank you SO MUCH for all your help and ideas, and to those who commented, too. We’re so happy and we think his name fits him perfectly!

What a fantastic name story!! My favorite part of it is the song in Carrie’s “voice” as she talks about how much she loves the name they finally settled on. How wonderful!! And of course I love the name Dominic, it’s one of my very very favorites (check out my Dominic spotlight, where I specifically mention some Irish Dominics!).

Dominic Maximilian Mark joins his amazingly named big sibs:

Travis Joseph Derek
Clare Marie Thérèse
Gemma Kateri Rose

Great, great job, Mom and Dad! Congratulations to the whole family, and happy birthday Baby Dominic!!

image1 (3)

Dominic Maximilian Mark

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