Baby name consultation: Short, meaningful, unique, pronounceable name needed for baby girl no. 3

Emily and her husband are expecting their third baby — their third girl! This little lady joins big sisters:

Eden Holly (born at Christmas)
April Grace (born in April)

What beautiful names, and what a fun style!

Emily writes,

My first daughter is Eden Holly (born at Christmas), second daughter is April Grace (born in month of April), and third daughter we had intended to name Quinn Verity. My husband and I were so certain on the name. However, we just shared it with our in-laws and they say it sounds like “Queen Vanity, or Vanity Queen”. Now this is stuck in my head, and we’re at a loss on what to name her with just over 5 weeks to go.

We like short and meaningful names, which are unique but still pronounceable (we live in Asia, so we want to limit the opportunities for mispronunciations or mispellings).”

I love Quinn Verity, and I share Emily’s disappointment that her in-laws hear “Queen Vanity”! I don’t think I would have noticed it if it hadn’t been pointed out to me, and even still I don’t think it’s a huge problem, especially since she’ll mostly just be known by Quinn, or Quinn LastName, or Quinn LastInitial. Even if I were to hear a mom call out “Quinn Verity” as her daughter’s full name, like at the playground, or hear her full name said as her name is announced for her high school diploma, I think my initial reaction would always be, “Wow, Quinn Verity is such a great combo.” But I totally get having something stuck in your head and not being able to ignore it!

Anyway! I approached this consultation in two different ways: First, to find alternate middle names to go with the first name Quinn, and second, to find alternate first names to go with the middle name Verity. Here are my alternate middle name ideas (these are all based on my research in the Baby Name Wizard — I looked up the names Emily and her hubs used for their older girls, as well as Quinn and Verity, as the BNW lists, for each entry, boy and girl names that are similar in terms of style/feel/popularity; I also had some ideas of my own):

(1) Quinn Celeste or Quinn Caeli
I suspect that these middle names might not pass the “easily pronounceable” test in non-English- or non-Romance-language-speaking countries? But I kind of thought it might be cool to use the “queen” sound of Quinn to create a meaningful “queen” first+middle combo — it struck me as very Marian to do so! Celeste and Caeli both refer to heaven — Regina Caeli is a Latin title of Our Lady, meaning “Queen of Heaven,” and Caeli is said “CHAY-lee” in Church Latin, though you could say “KAY-lee” if you prefer. Celeste is a step away — though it means “heavenly,” I’ve not really seen it used for Our Lady. But “heavenly queen” certainly nods to her!

(2) Quinn Amata
This, too, is a Marian thought — another of her titles is Mater Amata (“Beloved Mother”), and Quinn Amata could nod to her in that way. Lovely!

(3) Quinn Juniper
Juniper is a style match for Verity, according to the BNW, and since Eden, April, and Holly have a nature feel, I thought Juniper fit right in.

(4) Quinn Edel
I should note that I found out after the fact that Quinn is actually for Ven. Edel Quinn, and so my first two middle name ideas, which mostly played on the “Queen” sound in order to make Marian combos, probably get a little too far from Ven. Edel connection (though I suppose they could think of them as “first name for Ven. Edel, middle name for Mother Mary”). I wondered if Quinn Edel might be a good solution?

As for new first name ideas to go with Verity as a middle name, I thought these might be good ideas:

(1) Wren Verity
I haven’t decided yet if I think Wren Verity is too close in sound to Quinn Verity — and thus doesn’t move it far enough away — but I love the idea of it for this family. It’s nature-y, like so many of the other names they like, and when I spotlighted Hope from Hope and Justin, I loved this beautiful explanation she had for her daughter Wren’s name: “Another thing that made this name special for me was this quote by St. Therese. ‘O Jesus, your little bird is happy to be weak and little. What would become of it if it were big? Never would it have the boldness to appear in your presence, to fall asleep in front of you.’ I had just discovered the Theresian book ‘I Believe in Love’, and was very moved by this quote and her message of littleness; with this in mind, she was named … Her birthday (October 3) is the old feast of St. Therese, and the eve of St. Francis, and I think the name Wren goes well with the spirit of both of these Saints.”

(2) Cara Verity or Kira Verity
I like the Irish feel of Quinn, so I wanted to find a name that might have that feel and be a meaningful choice as well. Though Cara’s an Italian name meaning “dear, beloved” it’s also used in Irish — the beautiful Irish phrase anam cara means “soul friend,” where cara means friend. Cara Verity could therefore be thought of as “true friend,” or “friend of truth,” or — using the Italian meaning, “beloved truth.” Lovely meanings!

Kira’s another one that I like for this family. The Irish variant is what I first thought of (Ciara, or Keira), but I thought Kira might be an easier spelling. The Irish Ciara means “black,” while the spelling Kira has been connected to the Greek for “Lord,” as in Kyrie eleison (“Lord have mercy”).

(3) Iris Verity
I like the nature-y feeling of Iris, as it’s a flower name, and it also means “rainbow,” which is pretty cool.

(4) Rowan Verity
Rowan is listed as a style match in the BNW for both Eden and Quinn, which I thought was pretty great! It’s a tree name and it has an Irish feel as well.

(5) Skye Verity
Skye was also listed as a style match for Eden and Quinn, and I thought they could think of “Skye Verity” as meaning “heavenly truth,” which is so pretty!

And those are my ideas! What do you all think? What name(s) would you suggest for Eden and April’s little sister?

36 thoughts on “Baby name consultation: Short, meaningful, unique, pronounceable name needed for baby girl no. 3

  1. I think Iris sounds the best with Eden and April, but then it might be hard to continue the vowels for first initials! I also love Wren as well as Cara for this sister trio. Caris is another variant that I’ve always liked. Maybe Cora? Cora Verity, “heart of truth” or “true heart.” Quinn is a fun name, but I know quite a few right now; some boys and some girls. Lots of great options here though!

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  2. Some ideas: Tessa, Chloe, Isla, Ruby or Cora. I like Isla Quinn and Ruby Quinn.

    Another possibility is using Vera Quinn, which can be interpreted as “the true queen” or “the faith queen” (very Marian!).

    Or they could do Quinn Juliet, as a reference to the month of July (I assume the baby is due in July) just like Holly for Christmas and April for the month of April.

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  3. I never in a million years would mistake Quinn Verity for Queen Vanity. Even now I’m having trouble hearing Vanity from Verity?? I think if this is the name you and your husband love and had settled on you should absolutely use it. It’s lovely! And Eden, April, and Quinn sound great together.
    That said, if the name truly is unusable for you now, there’s something about Kate’s suggestion of Kira Verity that really jumps out at me.

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  4. I really like Quinn! Quinn Verity is super fun and goes so well with her sisters. But maybe Quinn Amity or Quinn Mercy could also work? Vera is also a really nice option, maybe even Quinn Vera could work since your other kids’ names are also short (Vera means faith AND true).

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  5. I love the idea of Juliet (Julie/Julia) or Summer as a middle. Summer could even be the first name.

    Other names I like are Maren, Raina, Lily, and Collette. Maren is my favorite.

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  6. In keeping with the theme of their girls’ names, I suggest Summer Quinn. Juliet or Julia would also work if she is born in July. It is such a cute theme, it would be great if they kept it going.

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  7. How about Vere instead of Verity (rhymes with deer)? It would go with the names of their other daughters. But I don’t hear Queen Vanity for Quinn Verity. Methinks Grandma and Grandpa just don’t care for the name. They’ll get used to it.

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  8. Well, Mother Mary is the Queen of Truth, being the Mother of the Truth (and the Way and the Life). So I would just loudly and slowly say, “No, QUINN VERITY. Queen of Truth!” It’s very unfortunate that they shared their unpleasant opinion.

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  9. It depends where they are in Asia, but many languages of the area don’t have the ‘v’ sound and thus find it very difficult to pronounce. It doesn’t matter so much with the middle name slot, but if Verity was switched to the first name position, or the otherwise lovely suggestion of Vera, it could be an issue.

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  10. I don’t have any suggestions to offer, but hello from Singapore! Your girl and I will be birthday twins. I was born in July too!

    As what Scottish Reader mentioned, some sounds are difficult for some asians to pronounce. Maybe it’ll help if you told us where in Asia you live in? Another point to note is that most asian languages have one sound per vowel so it can really affect the way a non-English speaking local might pronounce it. For example, my name is pronounced the ~american~ way with a schwa in Singapore, which is an English-speaking country, but when I return to my home country of Indonesia, my name is pronounced totally differently, because Indonesian phonology attributes only one sound “ah” to the letter A. So yes, I do answer to both Sabrina and “sah-bri-nah” 😉 Asian languages also generally lack lexical stress, which may affect pronunciation as well.

    Spelling is really dependent on the conscientiousness of the writer. I believe I have a fairly standard name – please correct me if I am mistaken – but I do get my name misspelled once in a while (usually to Serena, because consonant clusters are hard!). I knew a girl called Mary whose name was always edited to Marie because at that time no one believed that a parent would name her daughter plain old Mary… #shrugs

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  11. The suggestions here are all lovely and I especially like Wren and Summer, but I hope they will use Quinn Verity because they loved it up until they got negative feedback.

    I let my mom and her sister scare me away from a few boy names (Jude and Elias) and later stumbled upon a great parallel – if you wouldn’t take their fashion advice for an outfit than you don’t need to worry about it for the baby’s name.

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  12. I love Quinn Verity. If they had have been told after the birth they wouldn’t have said anything! Quinn is such a beautiful name! I always feel like if you and your husband agree on the name it’s like a small miracle. All the best❤️

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  13. I like Quinn Verity. I can also see how V and sometimes Q may be difficult in Asia.

    If where you live, Quinn works, then I suggest Quinn Soleil. Soleil is French for sun and would be in keeping with the siblings. While the spelling may not be intuitive, the pronunciation — so-lay– should work in Asia.

    If baby pushes her arrival into August, I think Quinn Peridot is sweet.

    Otherwise, I love Iris!

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