Baby name consultations

I love love love considering a couple’s taste in names, as evidenced by the names they’ve chosen for already-born children and/or the names they are considering or have considered, and then coming up with predictions of what they might name their new baby.

Or suggestions, if the parents are feeling stuck and would like a fresh perspective.

Or opinions, if the parents have a sense of what name they’d like to use but are feeling hesitant, or it’s just not working, or they don’t know what nickname to use, or they like a certain nickname and don’t know what formal name it can go with. (I particularly love coming up with formal name/nickname sets.)

My final thoughts are always a mix of:

  • research (I read name books all the time, and have a couple name blogs/sites I’ve followed/consulted for years)
  • experience (I’ve named seven of my own, and I come from a huge family, and I have lots of friends who have lots of kids. I also really really love saints’ names, virtue names, Marian appellations and attributes, any name rooted in our faith really)
  • gut feeling/instinct/intuition (just that. Also, I have a really weird and until now pretty useless ability to grab and hold onto with an iron-vice-grip name stories, interesting sibling sets, unexpected first-middle combos, and unusual nicknames, all which serve me well when considering a particular couple’s naming situation. I don’t always hit the mark but … I sometimes do)

Interested to see what I might predict for your next baby? Desperate for some suggestions? Consternated by the immense task of choosing a name for God’s newest little immortal soul? You’ve come to the right place sister.🙂 (Or brother. Gah! No sexism here! Dads think about names too!)

Choose your consultation (Ordinary or Mini, as explained below), then email me at sanctanomina (at) gmail (dot) com detailing your naming situation (what are your other kids’ named and why; what names are you considering for the new baby; what names have you discussed but decided to cross off your list and why), and in the meantime, check out the other families that have given me the privilege of weighing in on their naming (birth announcements listed here).

Ordinary Consultation: $50
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(“Ordinary,” like “Ordinary Time”! 😂 #liturgicalliving)
An Ordinary Consultation is basically what my consultation posts look like — thorough and full of ideas. Specifically:

  • minimum 5 names for each gender (or 7 for one gender only)
  • guaranteed delivery of consultation within 3 weeks of your email request (or by your due date, if you’re due sooner than 3 weeks from when you email me)
  • if I miss that 3-week deadline (due to the unexpectedies of being a mom or other unforeseen circumstances), I’ll refund half your money and do the consultation as soon as I can
  • guaranteed public post before your due date if you’d like one (I’ll post them on non-Mondays if all my Mondays are full); private consultations are also fine

Mini Consultation: $25
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A Mini Consultation consists of:

  • 3 names for one gender only
  • guaranteed delivery of consultation before your due date (I’ll let you know how long I think it’ll take when you email)
  • a Monday post if available (if desired; private is also fine)

Gift certificates

Gift certificates are also available — I can make them up as needed (deliverable via email) if you’d like to give them (or receive them!) as gifts. Let me know how much you’d like the gift certificate to be for, and I’ll send you an invoice.

Ministry of Naming

I have felt humbled and in awe of God’s goodness each time one of you has thanked me for this ministry of naming. What a gift it’s been to me to play a small role in the naming of a baby! And to do so within the sphere of the names of our faith! I certainly never want anyone to feel that a consultation’s outside of their budget if they really need help naming their sweet baby, so if you find yourself in that position — please don’t hesitate to email me and see what we can work out! I’m happy to discuss alternative arrangements on a case-by-case basis — I don’t want anyone to feel excluded, Catholic name consultations are for everyone after all, just like the Church! 😁

I thank you all for your enthusiasm and confidence in regards to these consultations! I’ll be grateful until the day I die that something I’ve loved for so long (i.e., names, and thinking of ideas for other people) is actually of value to others, and I feel blessed beyond measure that I’m able to share my love of our faith through my blog.

27 thoughts on “Baby name consultations

  1. Hello!
    I love your website, it is such a perfect overlooked niche in the naming world. I was hoping you could write a post on comprehensive Marian appellations. I just adore them and would love to hear more about them and hopefully learn some new ones as well.
    Thank you so much.


    • Hi Callie! Yes, I’d certainly do consultation for non-Catholic families too (and I have already)! No problem at all! The only thing is … any “expertise” I might have is squarely in the names-of-Catholic-tradition — I don’t think I’d do as well otherwise? And the names that jump out as me as suggestions for others and the ones I get most excited about are saintly Catholicky names, so it would be hard for me to squash that down! BUT if you were okay with all that, I’d love to chat! Email me if you’d like more info ( — I’m running to bring my boys to school, but I’ll check in on your blog later too. Thanks for writing!! 🙂


      • Great! Although we’re not Catholic, we are religious so we’d welcome names that are linked to a saint. Besides, being Italian (and having many Catholic relatives) saint names run in my family. 🙂 I’ll check with my husband about this and hopefully get back with you in the next month or so. We *just* found out that we are expecting, but I’m already on the hunt for the perfect name. (Let’s be real – I was on the hunt long before I was pregnant!)

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