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11.15.17 Religious Name Changes for Men

Kate Towne shares what she knows and loves about religious name changes for men.

10.18.17 Naming After Fr. Solanus Casey

Kate Towne offers ideas for naming babies after the much beloved, soon-to-be-beatified Ven. Solanus Casey.

09.20.17 Honoring St. Rita

St. Rita’s a powerful intercessor and patron, and Kate Towne shares several ways to name a baby (boy or girl) after her.

08.16.17 Religious Name Changes for Women

Kate Towne shares a little about religious name change traditions among different Orders of religious Sisters.

07.19.17 St. Francis de Sales Writing Contest: Second Place Winner

Kate Towne introduces the second-place winner of the St. Francis de Sales Writing Contest, which she instituted at her alma mater this spring.

06.21.17 St. Francis de Sales Writing Contest: First Place Winner

Kate Towne introduces the first-place winner of the St. Francis de Sales Writing Contest, which she instituted at her alma mater this spring.

05.17.17 Unmistakably Catholic Boy Names

Kate Towne created a list of boy names that obviously Catholic. What name(s) would you add?

04.19.17 Unmistakably Catholic Girl Names

What name(s) would you add to Kate Towne’s list of girls’ names that are obviously Catholic?

03.15.17 Our Lady: Queen of Ireland

The Irish love Our Lady, as Kate Towne shows through their history, language, and given names.

02.15.17 Names for Miscarried Babies

Kate Towne shares resources and ideas for grieving parents: naming a miscarried child can help in the mourning process.

01.18.17 Japanese Catholic Naming Customs

With Martin Scorsese’s film Silence generating a lot of buzz, Kate Towne takes a look at the intersection of culture and faith in the names of Japanese Catholic families.

12.21.16 Names for an Advent Baby

If you prefer your baby names to be liturgically correct, check out these Advent names from Kate Towne for a baby born before Christmas.

11.16.16  Gender inequality in naming?

According to Kate Towne, anyone worried about gender inequality in naming should consider Catholic naming traditions.

10.19.16  Reclaim the Name

These ten names are often on parents “won’t-use” list, but Kate Towne would love to see them have a comeback.

09.21.16 The Naming of Things

Kate Towne digs into what’s behind our tendency to name everything from toys to cars to musical instruments to homes. Do you name your things?

08.17.16 Catholic Names at the 2016 Summer Olympics

Our faith abounds in the names of the 2016 Olympic athletes, to Kate Towne’s delight!

07.20.16  In honor of our new feast day: the name of Magdalene

The recent elevation of St. Mary Magdalene’s memorial to a feast day inspired Kate Towne to find examples of the saint’s name in history and culture.

06.16.16 Name definitions vs. name meanings

Kate Towne explains that the meaning of a name comes from more than — and sometimes in spite of — its definition.

05.18.16 There’s Something About Zelie/Zaylee

Kate Towne discusses how the name Zelie, popular in Catholic circles, fits into and blesses a larger naming trend.

04.20.16 Names “foreign to Christian sensibility”

Kate Towne discusses the hows, whys, and whens of some names that are on the Church’s blacklist.

03.16.16 Celebrating Jesus’ Easter Victory By Name

Kate Towne discusses the name Victor — an amazing Jesus name for a boy, particularly appropriate at Easter.

02.17.16 Choosing a Confirmation Name

Choosing a Confirmation name? Kate Towne tells you what you need to know, and shares why names have always been important in our faith and the reason behind her own choice of a Confirmation name.

01.20.16 The Naming of Saint West

Kate Towne explains why she isn’t as down on the selection of the Kardashian+West baby’s name as so many others seem to be.

12.16.15 Holy Family Names for Christmastime Babies

If you’re expecting a Christmas baby, you’ll be interested in these name ideas Kate Towne offers.

11.18.15 Creative Catholic Names

Creativity is prized in today’s baby naming — even among Catholics. Kate Towne offers ways to be creative AND full of faith significance.

10.21.15 Finding your patron saint (or being found)

Your name’s not a saint’s name? Not to worry — Kate Towne shares other ways to discover your patron saint.

09.16.15 The Holy Name of Mary

The Holy Name of Mary is powerful — and Kate Towne thinks it’s perfect for any girl. Learn more about the history of the Feast of the Holy Name of Mary and the many ways you can honor Our Lady by naming your little girl after her.

08.19.15 Planned Parenthood vs. the Holy Name of Jesus

In the wake of the Planned Parenthood videos, Kate Towne discusses a powerful weapon in the war against evil.

07.15.15 Middle names: yes or no?

Kate Towne discovers that middle name practices among Catholics in America are not what she expected. What’s the custom in your family regarding middle names?

06.17.15 Let’s Talk About Pronunciation

Kate Towne discusses one of the distinctive characteristics shared by Kateri, Therese, Zelie, Xavier, and Gianna: multiple acceptable pronunciations.

05.20.15 A Name by Any Other Spelling

Kate Towne wonders if the way a name is spelled influences your perception of the name and/or the person so named.

04.15.15 Patrick vs. Polycarp

Finding “compromise baby names” when Mom’s and Dad’s tastes are vastly different: Kate Towne shares some workarounds.


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