Prayers needed please!

The community one of our readers lives in was rocked by a horrible shooting tragedy yesterday, and she wrote to ask you all to for pray for all of them — she said, “It is a small community here and everyone has a connection to someone related to this incident or to the first responders.” She also asked for prayers for the attack in London yesterday, and I ask a special prayer for the protection of my brother and his colleagues who arrived in London yesterday and, according to my sister-in-law, had gone through the area where it happened just before the attack.

For the souls of all those who died in these incidents, and for their grieving families, and for all the injured and all those otherwise affected by these tragedies, and for safety for both communities going forward, we pray. St. Anne, pray for us!

Prayers needed for some sweet little girls: Meagan, Regina, and Belén

Happy Feast of the Most Holy Name of Jesus! The whole month of January is dedicated to His Name, and it’s a great day to ask you to pray for several Sancta Nomina babies.

I posted a consultation and birth announcement for the sixth daughter of a friend of mine last year, and the year before that I posted about a fundraiser for their fifth daughter, who was diagnosed with hydrocephalus in utero and who — now at five years old — is an amazing little darling girl whose every day is a miracle. Her name is Meagan, and she’s currently in the hospital having a tough time. Her mom, Molly, posted this and said it was okay to share:

It has been quite a week. Last Tuesday, while opening birthday gifts with Brian, Meagan collapsed on the floor. Her head became full with pressure and she was immediately lethargic. We rushed her to CHOA where she was barely breathing upon arrival but still forcibly vomiting from her head pressure. She had a carbon dioxide level of 95 and was immediately intubated. She then began to seize but luckily since we were already here it was stopped quickly with heavy medications. Despite being sedated and on a breathing tube she continued to pressure vomit so she was taken to the OR and her shunt was externalized to relieve the pressure. Somewhere in this process, Meagan aspirated. Thursday, Meagan spiked a 105 fever and the whole situation changed. We found out not only were we dealing with finding a new shunt solution for her, but she had aspiration from the vomiting and breathing tube combination which had settled in her lungs as aspiration pneumonia. The situation became very serious. Over the last 7 days, we have dealt with her struggling for oxygen, highest of high heart rates, lowest of low heart rates, an illeus (total gut shutdown), and now we found out today she has RSV on top of it all. Truly, it’s a perfect storm that she fell in to and was unavoidable. She has a long complicated fight ahead, not to mention a brain surgery that will have to follow – but she’s a fighter. Despite the hard pill to swallow of how sick she is, we have also witnessed amazing things this last week. Meagan has been doing what she has always done best – even while incredibly ill. We have seen people and communities from all aspects of our life come together in ways we couldn’t make happen. We have seen love, humor, charity and compassion – and it’s all because of her.

Meagan has been a miracle since the day she was born, and we continue to pray that she fights all of these odds against her to once again show us how miraculous she is. This has been difficult. I miss my girl’s smile, her laugh, her constant chatty looping conversations and her quirky questions.

We thank everyone for the many prayers, the amazing meal chain, braving the cold and rain to stand and pray for her tonight, helping wth the kids, and for our very close inner circle of support for being there for us and Megs at the hospital.

I will post an update when we know more or when we have any changes to report. Thanks and God Bless.”

Secondly, I posted a name reveal for blogger Sylvia (Tales from the Mommy Trenches)’s fifth baby girl back in October, when she shared that her baby had been diagnosed in utero with a congenital heart defect and Down Syndrome. Her baby has arrived! I was planning to ask her if I could do a birth announcement once things settled down, but I’m sure she’d appreciate the prayers right now — it looks like her little girl will be in the hospital for a while, and she’s got a lot of issues to deal with, which her mama’s documenting beautifully on Instagram. They also decided to change her name from the planned Matilde Regina to Therese Regina “due to some hefty intercession of St. Thérèse,” but as with all their girls she’s going by her middle name, and Sylvia’s #reggiegram hashtag kills me, so sweet!

Finally, Lindsay’s little Belén is sick, and I know they’d appreciate prayers for her. Lindsay wrote on Instagram:

Could I ask a prayer to be said for Belén? She is really struggling with RSV and we’re trying hard to keep her out of the hospital. She coughs so hard that she keeps vomiting her feedings. Thank you so much in advance. I know so many who need prayers right now so please know we are praying and offering for all of your little ones too!! We could use some fire power🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

It’s such a privilege to pray for your babies! And I’m so grateful that you’re all always so willing to jump right on the prayer train. ❤ ❤ ❤

Update on Charlotte!

Thank you all for praying for Charlotte! She just sent me an update:

Hi Kate, just wanted to give you an update – surgery went well and I’m home now and okay, just dealing with some pain. He was able to remove over 95% of the endometriosis so that’s really great and encouraging – should mean no/significantly less pain in the future. It was a bit more extensive, it was in the intestines and other areas so I’ve got some stitches internally. One of the first things I asked when I woke up was if he thinks I will be able to have children and he gave an enthusiastic and immediate “yes” (though of course nothing is guaranteed and we won’t know until I am actively trying). This was wonderful news because I was more concerned about fertility maybe even than pain. Just wanted to say thank you so much for the prayers, and your readers for their prayers as well!! They’ve carried me through!! I’m looking at a bit of a painful recovery, but I’m so hopeful that many/most of my chronic issues are resolved now. Thank you so much!!! And please tell all I said thank you!!

Isn’t this wonderful news?! I’m so happy for Charlotte!! Please continue to keep her in your prayers as she recovers! ❤ ❤ ❤

Prayers please!

Our reader Charlotte @ To Harriet Louise emailed me with a serious prayer intention:

I’m having an extensive surgery on Friday for endometriosis. It’s stage 4 endo, severe enough that I’ve been hospitalized for it, it’s affected other organs, it’s on/in my intestines (causing GI issues on top of all the pain!!), etc. I had to go to five surgeons before finding one who felt he could successfully do the operation without harming me because it’s so high risk. I’m very nervous for it, mostly because I’m 25 and single and I hope to have a family and a lot of kids one day. The doc isn’t going to remove any reproductive organs unless it’s specifically to save my life at that moment. But still… with endometriosis they just don’t fully know what they’re dealing with until they’re in there.

As nervous as I am, this surgery can’t come soon enough, and I’m so glad that this is how I’m starting the new year. I’ve been out of work for nearly two years because of all of the surgeries and hospitalizations (on top of the endo, I’ve had liver issues that have lead to quite a few hospital stays – they actually think the endometriosis might be affecting my liver – it’s rare, but not unheard of) so things have been extremely tough for me. I’m hoping the surgery is a new start. I so badly need and WANT to get back to work and just life in general – going out, doing things with friends, etc. When I had to stop working (work required travelling over 2 hours per day, and at the time I needed twice weekly blood draws, so I had to leave work), I needed to move in with my family in a different state, so since then I’ve been sort of isolated and unable to go make friends and just, ugh, it’s been rough. So this surgery, as scary as it is, is really a blessing. The surgeon is one of the best, and the technique he’s using is more difficult than common techniques, but generally more successful, too. I’m hoping for a safe surgery and less pain moving forward, as well as a good recovery (I don’t want to say an “easy recovery” because we’ve discussed it already and, well… it won’t be easy. But that’s okay.). Anyway, sorry for the essay!!! And I know I’ve asked for prayers a few times!!! Argh, sorry!!! I feel like your blog has offered a Catholic community I wouldn’t have otherwise!!!! I’d so appreciate it, though (and it’s okay if you use my name). Thank you!!

I’ve told people before what great prayer warriors you all are, and I know some of you have suffered from similar issues — please jump on this for Charlotte!! St. Anne and Mother Mary, please intercede for her!! 🙏🙏🙏

Prayers please, and a name reveal

Do you all remember Sylvia of this consultation and this birth announcement? She blogs at Tales from the Mommy Trenches, and I just discovered that not only is she pregnant with her fifth beautiful babyanother girl! — but also that her sweet baby has a congenital heart defect and Down Syndrome (that post about receiving the results of the blood test that said the baby does indeed have DS was titled “Joy” ♥♥♥).

If you read the above links, you likely saw that Sylvia and her husband have named the baby, and I could not think of a better name:

We will still be following our family tradition of calling her by her middle name, and her middle name is Regina. She is named after the Queen of Heaven, and I have dedicated her to Our Lady. Scott and I decided that her first name will be Matilde, named after my mother and grandmother. Matilde means “brave in battle,” so it seemed appropriate. It is good to have a name so that I can start praying for her by name.”

A perfect addition to sisters Gloria Ruth, Victoria Rose, Elena Wren, and Sylvia Rhea!

I’m sure this beautiful family would appreciate any prayers you can offer for them and for little Regina! 🙏🙏🙏