Prayers please!

A reader has asked for prayers — she’s newly pregnant and really needs support, encouragement, and financial stability. So many of us know what that’s like! Please keep her in your prayers, and may St. Anne and Our Lady intercede for her; may she have peace and joy and all the help she needs as she looks forward to welcoming her new baby. ❤


5 thoughts on “Prayers please!

  1. Our baby John was born in 2013 just a few weeks after my husband lost his job. He was 17 months old when my husband finally got permanent employment again. So, I understand how sometimes babies come when we feel least able to stretch in so many ways—financially especially in our case. We did receive so many unexpected blessings during that time—God’s care and providence were so apparent! Please know if my prayers for you, dear mama. Having a baby can feel pretty radical, in so many ways, these days. God bless you!

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