Nickname ideas

You all know I live and die by a good nickname. 😀 Nicknames give a person options, and I’m a big fan of options — you can be wild and crazy with your everyday nickname and staid and sophisticated on your resume, wedding invitation, diploma, etc. with your formal given name. Or vice versa! (You don’t have to take my word for it — check out Abby’s spot-on In Defense of Nicknames: Ten Reasons to Embrace Nickname-Rich Names)

I love to see unusual nicknames especially, ones that aren’t as obvious or traditional — the kind you’d likely not find in any list of traditional nicknames for each name, so obviously these aren’t the only nicknames for these names (consult a name book for those!), though some of these are old variants or nicknames that I would love to see resurrected. I also love “mash-up” nicknames, where a nickname is fashioned out of the first and middle names. I’ve seen a good few examples in real life and around the web and through the families I “meet” on the blog, and some of them might be my own crazy ideas. 😉 I’ve been meaning to start a list of them, hence this page!


Agnes: Taggy

Annunciata/Annunziata: Anita, Annie

Ariadne: Addy

Bernadette: Benny, Betsy, Bette/Betty, Etta/Etty

Caroline: Caddy, Cara, Lola

Catherine: Cass, Zoe (St. Catherine Laboure’s birth name was Zoe)

Clementine: Emmy

Elizabeth: Eily, Sabeth, Tess, Zabel, Zelie (and check out Abby’s 16 Unexpected Elizabeth Nicknames)

Felicity: Cissy, Fee, Felly, Fil, Flick/Flicka, Fliss(y), Liddy, Lily, Liss/Lissa/Lissy, Zita, Zyta

Galilee: Lily

Hazel: Halle, Zelie

Jacinta: Cissy, Janey, Jess/Jessie, Jetta, Jia/Gia (for Giacinta), Jinny/Jinna

Josephine: Jolie (with an L middle name), Joy, Sophie (and Abby’s Eight Unexpected Josephine Nicknames)

Judith: Josie (with an S middle name), Junie/Juno (with an N middle name)

Louisa: Lucy

Mary Angeline: Mandy

Perpetua: Peppa, Petti, Pia, Pippa, Poppy, Tua

Philomena: Fia, Fila, Fina, Finn, Finna, Lola, MenaMinnie, Pia, Pim, Pina, Pippa

Rhiannon: Annie, Nony/Noni/Nonnie

Scholastica: Lola

Seraphina: Sera, Fina (especially with the Serafina spelling), Fia, Sophie/Sofie, or something cute like Sunny

Socorra: Corra

Susanna: Sunny

Valentina: Vale

Veronica: Via, Vivi

Victoria: Cora

Wilhelmina: Wilkie

Zepherine: Zee


Aloysius: Ace, Ish

Ambrose: Abe, Ames, Bo, Bram, Brady/Brody (especially with a D middle name), Rowdy, Sam

Anthony: Ty

Arthur: Abe (especially for Arthur B.), Archie

Athanasius: Ace, Ash, Nash

Atticus: Ace, Gus, Kit

Barnabas/Barnaby: Barnes

Bartholomew: Barlow, BatesBatt, Bo

Benedict: Beck, Bede, Bento, Boon(e), Ned, Nick

Benjamin: Banks

Bernard: Bard, Ben

Casper: Cap/Cappy (or Cap(py) as a nod to your favorite Capuchin?? 😍 )

Charles: Huck, Hutch (and Abby’s Ten Unexpected Nicknames for Charles)

Conrad: Conor, Cord, Curt

Cupertino: Cooper

Francis: Finn

Fulton: Finn, Flynn, Foley, Fully, Fult, Fulty, Tony

Gabriel: Gil

Gerard: Jedi 😎

Gideon: Gil (for Gideon Louis perhaps?)

Gregory: Gus (especially for something like Gregory Stephen), Rory

Ignatius: Nate, Nash

Joachim: Jake

Jonathan: Jonty

Luke: Lolek

Maximilian: Miles/Milo

Michael: Miles/Milo

Patrick: Packy, Patch, Pax

Robert: Bo, Rory

Sebastian: Bash, Bax (for Sebastian Xavier?), Baz

Simon: Sid

Solanus: Sonny

Timothy: Ty

Victor: Vicho, Victo, Vico, Vio, Vito, Vitty