Nicknames: Fulton

I’ve had several requests over the last couple of years from readers for nickname ideas for Fulton — most recently in yesterday’s consultation — and I feel like I’m really short on ideas!

I think Finn could work, or Flynn, and eclare offered Fult as well (“kind of like Walt” she said), which is so great and natural. I was thinking that Philip is sort of similar (two syllables, starting with the F sound, an L in the middle) that maybe Fil/Phil could work (though Phil tends to the be the nickname that parents of today’s little Philips want to avoid), or Flip (like for something like Fulton Patrick?). Skimac suggested a Fulton could go by a nickname of his middle name, if he really wanted a nickname, and I like that suggestion too (though it was very specifically for yesterday’s family, who has a daughter who sometimes goes by a nickname of her middle name).

I’m really really hoping the rest of you can add to this list! I’d love to hear all your ideas, and especially if you know any Fultons in real life who go by a nickname — please share!


52 thoughts on “Nicknames: Fulton

  1. Funny you should bring this up. I was seriously considering Fulton as a boy name for my baby due in January because both my husband and I are big fans of Venerable Fulton Sheen, but I don’t like the way Fulton sounds with our last name. So I did some digging and discovered that Bp. Sheen was actually baptized Peter John, but went by Fulton as it was his mother’s maiden name. We named our last son Peter, so in a way we’d already named a child after Fulton Sheen and didn’t even realize it!

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  2. We have a Fulton (newbie at 7 weeks). My husband tends to shy away from nicknames so that wasn’t a concern for us, BUT our parish priest (Fulton’s godfather) loves to give our kids nicknames. He referred to Fulton as “Fulty” yesterday. 😂 I don’t think it will catch on. At least I hope not.

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  3. I have a little Fulton and he mostly goes by Fulton or Fulty when he’s being cute;) and younger kids and family call him FuFu (foofoo). I love nicknames and I feel like any name can be nicknamed. But I also love the sound of Fulton and never thought of not naming my Fulton his name because of lack of real nickname. I really like the suggestion above of Fuller. My Fulton is Fulton Lawrence and Fuller would have worked really well with sounds from his first and middle name:) he is only 3 so maybe he will adopt a nickname when he gets to be school aged from his friends:)
    I definitely think Finn, Fil, Flynn, and Fult are great possible nicknames for Fulton:) oh and Flip too- so cute!
    Maybe other nicknames that come from first name/ middle name combos?
    Like Flash for Fulton Sebastion? Now that’s a strong name right there! 😉

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  4. I really want Fully or Tully (both rhyming with Sully to work) because Sully is one of my favorite nicknames. Written down I don’t think Fully or Tully have the same oomph as Sully, but I wonder if they’d work if you could hear it used on an actual kid haha. (I’d imagine Tully would work better, but I don’t know.)

    I like the suggestion of Tony a lot. And Fil.

    I like to look at all of the letters in a name and see if any nicknames emerge, so I’d also really want Not (but maybe spelled Nott) or Lot to work to work because I can actually imagine those on a little boy AND a grown man. I can imagine hearing a college football announcer excitedly saying, “And there’s Notty Jones with his second touchdown of the game!” haha. That said, I think Lot would quickly become Lotty and while it wouldn’t bother *me* I can see parents wanting to avoid that with all the little girl Lotties running around. Also they’re definitely stretches haha.

    I think Ful and Fulty are probably the most natural nicknames for it.

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  5. Our first son is Fulton Benedict Mary

    Introduces himself as “Fulton, with an F” because it’s such a rare name people often think it is Colton. Hehe I love him!!

    But we actually call him Fulty more often than anything else. Sometimes a silly one like Fullerton or Ton of Bricks or Ton of Love.

    Many friends and family were pretty negative while he was inutero but now they love it and we couldn’t be happier with our name choice! What a powerful and special patron and intercessor these boys have!!

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  6. My Fulton goes by Fultz sometimes! (Well, he’s only 2, so really it’s what we call him!) And YES to having to start introducing him as “Fulton with an F.”

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  7. I’ve run into a few Coltons who are called Colt for short, so Fult or Folt both work as a short form. Flip or Flash gives me a kind of Lost in Space 1960s sci fi feel, which is actually pretty cool. Other than that, it isn’t a name that really lends itself to nicknames, so the family could probably come up with any unrelated nickname that appeals to them — Ace, Trip (for a child associated in some way with the number three), Fox (could be short for Fulton Xavier), Fly (for Fulton Sylvester).

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  8. This has me all heart eyes for Fulton now! Fulty is my fave so far I’ve seen here, but Flash and Fox are close seconds if the family can swing them! Lol

    However I feel like Fulton’s might end up with either no nickname or something totally random that happens on its own. My Cana most frequently goes by Bane/Banie/Baner (not banner, but strong A like Bane). Why? Because around two weeks old we started singing a made up song with the rhyme “Caner Baner” and being the mean parents we are, Baner stuck more than any other more “attractive” nicknames. Even extended family still calls her Caner Baner or Cane Bane! 🙌🏻 Haha If I had a Fulton, I can’t promise he wouldn’t get stuck with something equally as “odd”. 😂😂😂

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    • Hahahahaha! So true! My dad came up with a nickname for me when I was a baby — loosely related to my given name in origin, similar to Caner Baner, but so far removed from it that it makes absolutely no sense unless you hear the story behind it — and since then (38 years) he hasn’t called me anything else (not even joking). He even introduces me to people that way!


  9. I’m in love with “Fox”!!! Fly and Flash have great connections too! I was also thinking Fuller since we call our Henry “Henners”. Tonny as in “tawny” was another one we considered when Fulton was added to our list. In our house he would probably end up as LT then for “little Tonny” with the middle 2 letters in Fulton.

    I like Fin from Finnian so that’s an easy side step. Especially being down south, the pronounciation by others would be closer to Ful-tin than Ful-ton anyway.

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  10. I love all of these ideas! I have several friends who have used some part of Fulton Sheen’s name for their kids (I live in his home diocese of Peoria). A friend wanted her baby daughter to have a connection to him, so her middle name is Sheen. Isn’t that pretty!

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  11. My Fulton is 19 months old. We do call him *fully*, *fully wooley* or Fulton. He is our 4th and his siblings are Clare, titus, and Simon. We do get many comments on his name but love it.

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  12. Saw this in an article about Fulton Sheen – Once, imitating his friendly rival Milton Berle, known to viewers as “Uncle Miltie,” he began, “Good evening, this is Uncle Fultie.”

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