Birth announcement: Stellamaris Anne!

I posted a consultation for Lindsay and her husband right before Christmas, and Lindsay’s let me know her little green bean 🌱 has arrived! A little lady given the gorgeous name … Stellamaris Anne!

Lindsay writes,

Thank you so much for all your help on the baby names! Going in we decided the boy would be Thatcher Pio or Theodore Bent (I just loved your suggestion of using the Danish Benedict). For a girl we went in with Stellamaris Anne or Zellie Anne. I was really feeling Stella though because it had always been at the top of my list. I’ve also felt particularly close to Mother Mary during this pregnancy and once again consecrated myself to Jesus through our Blessed Mother at the end of March. I knew the babe would really have to strike me as a Zellie to go that route.

On April 8th we welcomed our baby girl Stellamaris Anne!  We are so pleased to have our little lady and I am truly in love with her name! I love to say it! 😉

PS After we knew we had our girl and were deciding what her name would be my husband threw in the name Gemma as an option. I love the name and it had been mentioned before but I said no it hasn’t been on the final list I can’t handle adding it now haha.”

Isn’t this a great name story?? I love the two boy names they’d decided on, and I love Lindsay’s explanation of Stellamaris vs. Zellie — so beautiful all around! And also — Gemma as a last-minute addition! I totally get not being able to handle a last-minute addition to the list! I love the name, I hope they keep it on their list of future possibilities.

Congratulations to Lindsay and her husband and big brother William, and happy birthday Baby Stellamaris!!

image1 (18).JPG

Stellamaris Anne

Birth announcement: Alice Catherine and Clare Elizabeth!

You guys! Remember the consultation I posted for Kristin and her husband back in January for their miracle twin girls? A bunch of you told me that it was one of your favorite consultations ever — I loved working on it! Go back and read their story if you haven’t yet, and then come back here because they’ve arrived! And you’ll die over their names: the perfectly perfect … Alice Catherine and Clare Elizabeth!

Kristin writes,

On March 28th, we were proud to welcome Alice Catherine (6lb 2oz. – born at 7:57am) and Clare Elizabeth (7lb 4 oz. – born at 7:58am).

I was extremely blessed to carry the twins to full term (37 weeks + 5!) You’d think we would have been able to pick names by delivery time, but we hadn’t. We knew that one twin would be Alice, but Twin B’s name and both middle names were not selected until after we arrived at the hospital for delivery! We loved so many names that you suggested, especially the classic pair – Catherine and Elizabeth. My husband loved the name Claire/Clare, but I was on the fence because it is so popular! Yet as I prayed about their names, St. Catherine of Sienna and St. Clare of Assisi continually came up in reading or in passing. It was obvious these Saints would be patrons for the girls.

Thank you so much for helping us sort through names for our little miracle babies!

I can’t think of a better pair of names for twin girls!! I love that Alice and Clare have the same number of letters, and are a similar style but not too twinny/matchy, and I love that their middle names are the well matched Catherine and Elizabeth … I love that Alice and Elizabeth sort of echo each other, and Catherine and Clare begin with the same letter … so many great connections between these sweet girls’ names — Kristin and her husband did a fantastic job!!

Congratulations Mom and Dad, and happy birthday Alice and Clare!!


Alice Catherine (left) and Clare Elizabeth (right) with their patron saint dolls St. Catherine of Siena and St. Clare of Assisi from the Saintly Silver Etsy shop

Birth announcement: Maristella Rose!

I posted a consultation for Stephanie and her husband at the end of January — in which they were looking for help with a boy name for their green bean 🌱, as they’d already decided on a girl name — and Stephanie’s let me know her little Miss has been born and given a *different* name than planned! Instead of Hope, they went with the gorgeous … Maristella Rose!

Stephanie writes,

I gave birth to a beautiful daughter on March 2nd and her sex was a complete surprise to us! I was so convinced I was having a boy. We decided in the last few weeks of my pregnancy that the girl name we had chosen early on did not seem to suit us anymore – Hope. I wasn’t too concerned about coming up with another one though because, like I said, I was so convinced I was having a third boy. So you can imagine my surprise when I delivered a baby girl! My husband had suggested Maristella a few days before she was born and I thought the name was lovely. I actually have a friend named Sr. Maris Stella and I love the Ave Maris Stella hymn so I was familiar with the name/title for our Lady. My husband suggested the name again after she was born but I definitely needed to sit on it and pray about it for a few days. I love Marian and unique names but this one seemed a little out of my comfort zone. So I prayed on it and received a lot of grace and peace that this was the name for our daughter. Maristella seemed fitting too because I met my husband at a Maritime college and Mary our Mother has brought us on quite a journey over the last 6 years with 5 kids (two in heaven), 7 jobs, 6 houses in 3 states! But she’s always been our guiding light through all the ups and downs. We chose Rose as her middle name because we have a devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe and the stars in her mantle tied into Star of the Sea.

Anyway I’d love your input on a nickname! Maristella seems so big and long for such a little baby. I sometimes call her Stella Rose but I’m not sure of myself! Do you have any other thoughts?!

Thanks again for your lovely boy suggestions! We’ll save them for next time!

Maristella Rose is such an amazingly beautiful name!! And all the layers of meaning Stephanie listed blew me away too, what a meaningful choice!!

As for nickname ideas, I actually really love that Stephanie’s calling her Stella Rose — I love nicknames that arise naturally, and since she’s been calling her that, it sounds like Stella Rose is a natural fit. If they wanted to consider others for Maristella though, I could see Mari, Molly, Missy, Milla, and Mia all working pretty well. Even something like Mo if they wanted to combine sounds from her first and middle names. Or Rosie, if they were open to a nickname of her middle name. So many pretty options! Do you have any to add?

Congratulations to Stephanie and her husband and big brothers Jude and Isaac, and happy birthday Baby Maristella!!

Maristella Rose with her big brothers

Birth announcement: Rowen James!

I did a consultation for Haley and her hubs a while ago, and she recently updated me on the name they chose for their handsome little guy — the equally handsome … Rowen James!

She writes,

I reached out to you for help naming my second son back in 2015. He ended up coming two weeks early (even though I KNEW this was a possibility, I wasn’t expecting it!), and all new baby craziness broke loose before time slipped by into regular life, and for that I apologize. I had wanted to write and let your know what names we ended up choosing, but it took another Patton Post to remind me–almost two years later–to get with it!

As a reminder, we wanted the name to have some family connection and we wanted it to match his older brother, Miles Howard. We were still pinning down names when he was born, but we went with Rowen James. The “Rowen” spelling a nod to a family surname Bowen (as opposed to the more traditional “Rowan”–I went the rounds on that), meaning “little red” . I was sold on it after he came out with red hair, also to match his brother! The  name James is after his grandfather.

Of course, after all is said and done, I’ve come to see that Rowan is becoming a trendy indie name for girls (why?! WHY?), but I had not idea that was the case at the time. Oh well. It’s not like he’s a boy named Sue, right? 😉

Thanks again for all your help and input into our name. You really likes James at the time, and I’m glad we went with it.”

Well I think Rowen James is an amazing name, and I love all the layers of meaning! The spelling being a nod to a family surname, the meaning of the name, and the fact that the baby actually did (and does!) have red hair — perfectly perfect!!

Congratulations to Mom and Dad and big brother Miles, and happy belated birthday to the dashing Rowen! (Could he be any more adorable??)


Rowen James

Birth announcement: à Kempis Exodus Praise!

You guys! I posted a spotlight of Katheryn’s family and her kiddos’ *amazing* names and her experience with adoption back in September, and I’m thrilled to announce they’ve welcomed another little one into their family — a little boy named … wait for it …. à Kempis Exodus Praise!

Katheryn writes,

It’s kinda funny, because after I did that post with you about naming with birth parents, we were matched with a birthmom who wanted to be super involved with naming.

à Kempis is after Bl. Thomas à Kempis who wrote “The Imitation of Christ.” Exodus is after the story of God bringing His people out of bondage into the promised land. To me it symbolizes the love of God for His people- a powerful love that protects, delivers, and provides. It reminds us that the God who is in love with us is a God who fights for us and will part the sea to make a way where there seems to be no way if we just trust Him. My favorite quote from the book of Exodus is, “The Lord will fight for you, you need only be still.” Exodus 14:14 “Praise” is in giving praise to God for him and is also after St. Prais.

His birthmom really, really wanted his name to match her daughters’ names and start with an “a” so her kids would all have the same first initials. The name we had originally picked before we were matched if we had a boy was Exodus Praise. I read every name book I could find to try to find an “a” name we liked enough to use as a first name. I read through online name sites and discussion threads, and the catholic encyclopedia and dictionary “a” sections. We found an “a” girl name we liked enough to use as a first but not a boy one. We had pretty much resolved to using an “a” name we were ok with but didn’t love as a first name, and then calling him by his middle name of Exodus, when Matt noticed Kempis on a list of other boy names that I had. I had always loved the name Kempis, but never thought we could use it because of the double alliteration it has with our last name. He suggested à Kempis, and right away we both just knew that was his name. It just felt right. His birthmom loved it because it also has three syllables like both her daughters’ names, and has the same meaning as they do! Kempis means “brave and strong warrior,” and her daughters’ names both mean “strong/powerful.” We loved both Kempis and Exodus and felt like we could wait and see as we got to know him which name we wanted to officially call him by. To make his name even more special, it turns out that his birthmom’s name means “beyond praise,” so Praise is now also after her, which she loved!

I’m blown away by this whole story! So many amazing connections to the birth mom and her other children and Katheryn and her husband’s name preferences — I mean, just that their solution to an “a” name was à Kempis — that is just amazing. Just amazing. Master Class naming for sure.

I wondered how it was dealt with on the birth certificate — if the full à Kempis went on there? Just like that, with the lowercase accented “a” as the first letter? Katheryn said,

We haven’t gotten a copy of his birth certificate yet, usually that comes a few months after finalization, so I’m not sure how they put it on there. We had to hand write what we wanted his name to be on a form for the lawyers and we put the full à Kempis Exodus Praise with a lowercase à, but I’m not sure if it will come printed out that way or not.”

And regarding St. Prais, because I’d never heard of him, she said:

I couldn’t find anything online about St. Prais besides this one line.

I saw him on a list of Black Saints, which is partly why we chose him as a patron since Exodus is African American.”

(Also note that here Katheryn calls him Exodus. Love love love.)

This little man joins his equally amazingly named big sibs:

Verity Majella Judea Hawthorne
Gethsemane Juniper Anne
Bosco Willis Yard
Hyacinth Clemency Veil

What a family! Congratulations to them all, and happy birthday Baby à Kempis Exodus Praise!! I know you’ll love to head over to Katheryn’s Instagram to catch a glimpse of his sweet little face! 😍😍😍

Birth announcement: Milo Thomas!

I posted a consultation for Carrie and her husband back in January, and Carrie’s let me know her little guy has arrived and been given the swoony name … Milo Thomas!

She writes,

Hello Kate! You did a consult for us in January for baby boy #3, and he was born yesterday!  We actually ended up waiting until he was born to make the final name decision. Up until birth we were fairly sure we were going with Hugo Thomas, and had a couple other names we also liked just in case. Well, when we met him, we decided he just wasn’t a Hugo, and went with Milo Thomas instead! I am a little sad to not have used Hugo because it’s a great name that I love, but this baby is a Milo for sure 🙂

Thank you (and all who commented on my consult!) for all your help!!

I LOVE the name Milo!! I absolutely think it fulfills Carrie’s hope for an “artistic and worldly” name, and as for saintly connections — you all know how I go on and on about Miles’ Marian connection, and Milo shares it too! Congrats to worriedshoe who suggested Milo in the comments!

This little guy joins his handsomely named big brothers:

Owen Joseph
Julian Elias

A simply fantastic trio of brothers!

Congratulations to the whole family, and happy birthday Baby Milo!!

image1 (17)

Milo Thomas

Birth announcement: Winifred Esme!

A mama I did a private consultation for last year, for a baby yet to be conceived, has let me know that she has, indeed, had a new baby and given her the gooorgeous name … Winifred Esme!

She writes,

I consulted with you last year about a hypothetical honor name after my mother who passed away suddenly. We conceived soon after that consultation and we decided to name her the name that my mother loved, Winifred Esme. While it’s not an honor name in the sense that others hear it and know that it’s after my mother, I do think of her every time I say it, because she loved it so much! So, in that way, it honors her very much.

Thank you so much for your amazing suggestions, which started many a conversation between me and my husband, and also colored our list of future baby names as we go forward.”

Isn’t that such a wonderful name story? It’s such a great example of one of the many ways to honor someone through your child’s name, and the fact that this mama thinks of her mom every time she says her baby’s name is just perfect. ❤❤❤

Little Winifred joins big sibs (with equally amazing names!):

Clementine Eloise
Gilbert Henry
Beatrice Eulalie

Congratulations to the whole family, and happy birthday Baby Winifred!!


Winifred Esme with her adoring siblings 💕