Birth announcement: Sylvia Rhea!

I posted Sylvia’s name consultation on May 4, and on May 19 she posted on her blog, Tales from the Mommy Trenches, that she’d had her baby that morning! Sylvia wrote,

Sylvia Rhea Bass arrived bright and early this morning! … As for her name, Scott and I finally arrived at an agreement in the eleventh hour. In the Cuban tradition, all eldest daughters are named after their mothers. The way they distinguish between the mother and the daughter is that the daughter’s name is in the diminutive. For example, my great grandmother’s name was Maria Matilde, and my grandmother was named after her and called “Matildita.” My grandmother has friends (named after their mothers) who still go by “Sarita” or “Blanquita” even though they are in their advanced years. Anyway, we missed the boat on our eldest daughter (as well as the second and the third), but when Scott wanted to name this one after me, I thought it was a sweet nod to the Cuban tradition to have our own “Silvita.” As for Rhea, my family knows I have always been a Greek mythology nut, and Rhea is the titaness mother of Zeus. When Scott stumbled across that name, we knew it was the one. All of our girls go by their middle names, and this one will be no different.

If you remember, her other girls are Gloria Ruth, Victoria Rose, and Elena Wren. What wonderful names Sylvia and her husband have come up with!! Congratulations to the whole family, and happy birthday Baby Rhea!!

Be sure to hop on over to Sylvia’s blog to check out more photos and the birth story, but she said I could post one here. 🙂


Sylvia Rhea


5 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Sylvia Rhea!

  1. Oh, wow, so many neat connections. Also, my Dh (from a Latino family) used to call me “Sarasita”… didn’t know the story behind the Cuban tradition, but that is special. Congrats!

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