Holy Week, Notre Dame, Sorrowful Mystery names

Oh my, what a Holy Week it’s been. Did it not feel like the Notre Dame fire was just a bit too much to handle after this very Lenty Lent? Seeing the pictures of the people camped out by it, singing and praying, made me think about the apostles and how lost they must have felt when Jesus died. What a blessing that the damage wasn’t too bad, and that the sacred relics and the Holy Eucharist were saved.

If I could beg some prayers for my own little community: in the last few days we’ve suffered the death of one of my brother’s good friends from high school, who is also the son of one of my boy’s fourth grade teacher, who is also the uncle of one of my boy’s classmates, who is also the uncle of the children my best friend from childhood nannies for, who was also the best man at the wedding of the funeral director’s son. That’s the kind of community I’m blessed to live in. ❤ He was only 36, with a two-year-old son; he had a heart attack and died in his sleep. Oh my, our whole community is so so sad. Today’s school Mass was offered for him, and the number of his high school classmates who came home for today’s wake and tomorrow’s funeral (including my brother, who flew across the country) is truly moving.

Then, only a couple days after he died, we found out that the dad of a schoolmate of my older boys had also died, also unexpectedly, also of a heart attack. My family doesn’t know theirs quite as well, but the school community as a whole is heartbroken.

What a Holy Week.

I looked back on the post I’d done a few years ago on Sorrowful Mystery names and thought it would be appropriate to link to it again. Holy names are sometimes a good meditation for me, maybe they will be for you too.

I look forward to next week, when we’ll be celebrating! I hope you all have a holy rest of Holy Week, and a very Happy Easter!



Your generosity is needed

Our dear reader Charlotte has an emergency and needs your help, if you’re able! She writes,

I had to go to the hospital today after some blood work results came back elevated more than usual … They added a medication (bringing my total up to TWENTY daily meds) and two of my specialists squeezed me in for tomorrow … on the one hand, that’s great. On the other … that’s two $90 copays. I just can’t do it. Last week alone cost $400 in copays for appointments and prescriptions. The hope is that they can get my liver to stay stable — and then hopefully we can start doing the tests to get a diagnosis and see which autoimmune disease we’re dealing with. I’ve got more appointments later in the week, but at the  moment I’m just really freaking out about getting to tomorrow’s appointments.”

If you can help, Charlotte has a Go Fund Me, and she also has an Etsy shop called Charlotte’s Webbery. I know she’d be so grateful!

Birth announcement: Damian Nicholas Elijah and Isaac Anthony Cosmas!

Sweet Carrie, who I did a consultation for three years ago for her fourth baby and posted a birth announcement for that same little guy, has given birth to twin boys!! They have the amazingly perfect names … Damian Nicholas Elijah and Isaac Anthony Cosmas!

She explains here how they got their names:

Damian has been on of [her hubby’s] favorite names for a long time, and it was on the top of the list when I was pregnant with Dominic. Considering Sts. Cosmas and Damian were reputed to be twins, we thought now would be the perfect time to use it. Also, [hubby] has always been a fan of St. Damien of Molokai. St. Nicholas is one of our favorite Saints, and so we are so happy to have him included with our children’s patron Saints. Elijah the Prophet is a favorite Biblical character in our family, as well.

When we first found out we were having twins, we laughed. ‘Isaac’ seemed like a perfect fit for that reason, after the Biblical Patriarch. His first middle name is Anthony, after [hubby’s] maternal grandfather, and St. Anthony the great. Then we decided to add Cosmas, since as I mentioned, St. Damian was reputed to be his twin, and we wanted twin Saints to be their patrons as well.

… [I]t was actually pretty fun to come up with their names and I’m glad for what we settled on: being named after a pair of brother/twin Saints, two Biblical figures, and two Saints well-venerated in both East and West.”

I’m so impressed at how they brought all those elements together!! I absolutely love these boys’ names!!

Congratulations to Carrie and her hubs and big sibs Travis Joseph Derek, Clare Marie Thérèse, Gemma Kateri Rose, and Dominic Maximilian Mark, and happy birthday Baby Damian and Baby Isaac!!

My book, Catholic Baby Names for Girls and Boys: Over 250 Ways to Honor Our Lady (Marian Press, 2018), is available to order from ShopMercy.org and Amazon — perfect for the expectant parents, name enthusiasts, and lovers of Our Lady in your life!

Birth announcement: Christopher Rex!

I’ve posted about Sylvia’s beautiful babies before, including a consultation and birth announcement for her fourth baby, and a name reveal and request for prayers and updated name reveal and request for prayers for her fifth baby, and now I’m thrilled to share that after five beautiful girls, Sylvia and her husband welcomed baby number six last summer — a boy! He has the wonderfully strong and regal name … Christopher Rex!

As with their daughters, the baby goes by his middle name; Sylvia wrote on Instagram:

Rex is named after Christ the King. Viva Cristo Rey!

Looove it!! What a wonderful tribute to Jesus Himself!

Congratulations to Sylvia and her husband and big sisters Ruth, Rose, Wren, Rhea, and Regina (“[Rex] and Regina shall rule the house!” Sylvia wrote 😀 ), and happy birthday Baby Rex!!

My book, Catholic Baby Names for Girls and Boys: Over 250 Ways to Honor Our Lady (Marian Press, 2018), is available to order from ShopMercy.org and Amazon — perfect for the expectant parents, name enthusiasts, and lovers of Our Lady in your life!