Your generosity is needed

Our dear reader Charlotte has an emergency and needs your help, if you’re able! She writes,

I had to go to the hospital today after some blood work results came back elevated more than usual … They added a medication (bringing my total up to TWENTY daily meds) and two of my specialists squeezed me in for tomorrow … on the one hand, that’s great. On the other … that’s two $90 copays. I just can’t do it. Last week alone cost $400 in copays for appointments and prescriptions. The hope is that they can get my liver to stay stable — and then hopefully we can start doing the tests to get a diagnosis and see which autoimmune disease we’re dealing with. I’ve got more appointments later in the week, but at the  moment I’m just really freaking out about getting to tomorrow’s appointments.”

If you can help, Charlotte has a Go Fund Me, and she also has an Etsy shop called Charlotte’s Webbery. I know she’d be so grateful!


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