Baby Patton

It was with great sadness that I read Grace’s recent post at Camp Patton — she recently suffered the miscarriage of their sixth baby, and in the midst of her grief she decided to let her readers know in hopes that doing so might help “even one mom feel a little bit less alone during the dark period following a miscarriage.” I myself took great comfort in hearing from other moms about their lost babies after losing my own — as Simcha wrote after her own miscarriage and the resulting wagon-circling of mamas who have been there, “What a crowd of beloved babies there must be, waiting and praying for us!”

Grace also shared the lovely story about the naming of her littlest one — she and her husband chose a name full of meaning for them, it’s just perfect. She also shared this quote from St. Philip Neri, which is also just perfect: “Let me get through today, and I shall not fear tomorrow.” And this perfect thought as well: “we know that as parents our primary goal is to get our children to heaven and that’s exactly where the baby is.”

None of which makes it any easier, of course. Please keep the Patton family in your prayers. 🙏🌹❤

Camp Patton is back!

I know from the number of clicks over to Grace Patton’s blog from old posts on mine over the past few months that many of you were as devastated as I was when she stopped blogging. But good news! She’s back! If you’ve been missing the Camp, or if you have yet to be introduced to it, hop on over! She’s a mama with some insanely well-named kiddos!

A total name post

Okay, it’s not a total name post — it’s the two-part story of Bosco Patton‘s birth! BUT it includes some namey stuff (like how he was almost named something different! And how his initials are BIP! Which, I know, we could all figure out on our own, but I hadn’t thought of them at all, and seeing them typed out made my namey heart sing. BIP! So cute!!) so … I just love birth stories, but wouldn’t feel justified linking to them here if they didn’t have some name connection, so thanks Grace for thinking of us!! 😀

(I will say … the oooonly quibble I have is that we don’t know what their chosen girl’s name was. I know I know, it’s their secret and I get it.) (But I’d love to know. 😉 )

Bosco’s Birth Story (part one)

Bosco’s Birth Story (part final)

Spotlight on: Bosco

In light of Grace’s new baby Bosco, I thought I’d re-blog my spotlight on Bosco from January.

Sancta Nomina

Today’s the feast of St. John Bosco, who is a special saint for our house full of boys. John is certainly a fine namesake for him, or the full John Bosco, but there was a Brother Bosco at our parish for a while, which really made me consider the name Bosco on its own.

Bosco. It seems to have some use as a first name among the laity — anyone remember Mr. T’s character’s name on the A-Team? (Answer: Sergeant B.A. Baracus — the B.A. was for Bosco Albert. This is new to me — I never watched the A-Team — I like Bosco Albert a lot! I guess he told people B.A. was for Bad Attitude? And his childhood nickname was Scooter. All super cute, I could totally see a precocious little guy owning all those names.)

But the scarcity of info on the name in my sources says…

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Birth announcement: Patton Camper #5!!

Ahh! I take a measly sixteen hours off the computer and in bed for myself to get through a stomach bug (a sixteen hours which also included my oldest’s elementary school graduation, and yes I made it to the graduation) and Grace over at Camp Patton goes and has her baby and I totally miss it because I’m sleeping/moaning/crying at graduation and I get a text from one of my dearest friends during the graduation with just these words:

Bosco Ignatius!”

and I knew.

Bosco Ignatius!! What an amaaaaaaaazing name!! I love it love it love it!!! It’s not one of the ones I’d suggested in my post for Grace back in April, but I fully 1000% approve. 🙂  Such a great name.

Be sure to hop on over for a peek of the little sweetie!! Congratulations to all the Pattons, and happy birthday Baby Bosco!!!!

(P.S. Due to my unforeseen illness, my usual Monday consultation will run tomorrow.)

Reading round-up

I wrote recently about “names that seem to be either/or names — meaning, if you use one for one child, it seems the other is really not usable for another” — like Theodore and Thaddeus, Evangeline and Genevieve. Bree at The Beauty of Names did a much better job with this I think: This or That? (Girls). I commented over there with my favorites of her pairings — I’d love to read yours!

The first set of girl quintuplets born in America happened this week. While the parents’ taste in names is different from mine, I did appreciate that their older daughter and two of the quints share one style (androgynous surnames) and the other three share another (traditionally feminine) — a nice way to tie all the sisters together: Texas Hospital Welcomes First All-Girl Quintuplets Ever Born In U.S.

A reader/friend sent me this, which was so fun: 20 Great Roaring 20s Baby Names Making a Comeback. I’d tell you my favorites from the list if I could, but I can’t, because they’re all amazing. (So fun too to see two of my suggestions for Grace Patton on there — Lola and Violet — as well as Theodore, which she’s already used!)

Finally, as I noted on FB, this just can’t bode well to me for this couple: Man starts online petition in battle over baby name with wife. I haven’t checked out the petition and I’m sure someone’s already thought of this but my suggestion would be Michael Spyridon (first name middle name) or a Greek form of Michael for a first name (according to Behind the Name: Michail, Michalis, Mihail, Mihalis). (Very like the Russian Mikhail, no? Why all the squabbling??) (Also — Kseniya! I mentioned it in the spelling Xenia in my Xavier post!)

Happy Friday all!

Humbled and thrilled and blessed beyond measure

You’re all amazing!! Grace Patton is one lucky lady to have so many wonderful readers who are willing to click over to another blog to leave their thoughts and comments about naming a new little baby, and that new little baby is so lucky to already be so loved and anticipated. You’ve all made my whole week, and Grace’s too I hope.

Some quick little housekeeping-type things:

  • I love every single email I’ve gotten asking for thoughts or suggestions for babies on the way! My answer is always — yes yes yes! I can’t tell you how much joy I get out of sitting down with my name books and my handwritten spreadsheets in order to tackle a name challenge — only a name lover could understand.
  • Though I always try to email back with my ideas within a week, I’m a wee bit backed up with all your wonderful requests, which only means that it might take me up to a month to get back to you. But get back to you I will! With a “report” exactly like the consultations I post here on the blog (in fact, those posts are the responses I’d already emailed to the family, revised/edited just a little to make them appropriate for here).
  • However, I only post consultations on Monday, so my Mondays are all filled up now until almost the middle of August. So great right?!!! You’ll love reading them all, as every single family who has emailed me has just the most amazing, beautiful taste in names. However — I always love for the families to get feedback from readers as well, since, despite my best efforts, it’s more likely than not that I won’t exactly hit the mark, and you all provide such great and thoughtful suggestions. But having Mondays booked up until mid-August means some of you may not be able to have your consultation posted before your due date. Which may not be a problem at all for some of you — maybe you’d rather it not be public! And that’s perfectly fine, there’s no requirement of public posting. When I email you back with my ideas/suggestions, that’s when I’ll ask you (1) if it’s okay if I post it, (2) what privacy controls you’d like, if any (like only an initial for your last name, that kind of thing), and (3) what date I’ve assigned to you for the public post if you’d like it.
  • With each of the emails, be assured I am taking into account the order in which the emails have been received as well as the due dates. In general, first come first served, but if there’s a very-soon due date — and I have gotten a couple — those will get bumped up as much as I think is fair and reasonable.
  • Please don’t let any of this stop any of you from emailing me! I’d much rather have a lot than none. And I can certainly work with any name emergency any of you might have. (Again, something only a name lover could understand.)

Finally, amidst all the Patton excitement is that I had a second article up at Nameberry on Monday! Check it out: Good-Intention Baby Naming. I’m still blown away that they’ve allowed me the opportunity to have a little of my name writing posted (all thanks to Abby at Appellation Mountain!). I’ve also added a new tab up above called “Nameberry articles,” with both my articles listed and linked to. I could just die typing that right now. 🙂

So basically, the moral of the entire story is: God is good. So so good. This blog has blessed me in more ways than you know, and I hope you’ve all felt blessed by it too. ❤