Birth announcement: Patton Camper #5!!

Ahh! I take a measly sixteen hours off the computer and in bed for myself to get through a stomach bug (a sixteen hours which also included my oldest’s elementary school graduation, and yes I made it to the graduation) and Grace over at Camp Patton goes and has her baby and I totally miss it because I’m sleeping/moaning/crying at graduation and I get a text from one of my dearest friends during the graduation with just these words:

Bosco Ignatius!”

and I knew.

Bosco Ignatius!! What an amaaaaaaaazing name!! I love it love it love it!!! It’s not one of the ones I’d suggested in my post for Grace back in April, but I fully 1000% approve. 🙂  Such a great name.

Be sure to hop on over for a peek of the little sweetie!! Congratulations to all the Pattons, and happy birthday Baby Bosco!!!!

(P.S. Due to my unforeseen illness, my usual Monday consultation will run tomorrow.)


11 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Patton Camper #5!!

  1. Congrats to the Patton family & oh, I LOVE this name!

    And a story: at my kids’ school, the students are organized into Saint Houses – a mix of children from grades 1 through 8. They attend mass with their Saint Houses, and the older kids model good behavior for the younger ones. (We hope!) When Alex was in first grade, his house was Don Bosco, or as he told us as dinner the night after their first school mass of the year, Saint Tabasco.

    So – an amazing name, and one that makes me smile for more one than one reason!

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  2. […] I know from the number of clicks over to Grace Patton’s blog from old posts on mine over the past few months that many of you were as devastated as I was when she stopped blogging. But good news! She’s back! If you’ve been missing the Camp, or if you have yet to be introduced to it, hop on over! She’s a mama with some insanely well-named kiddos! […]


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