Good to hear this perspective

After 19 years of getting into fights over his name and hearing it mispronounced, Shia LaBeouf can’t believe celebrities are still coming up with weird names for their kids … Asked what he would say to parents planning to give their kids strange names, LeBeouf says, ‘Name your kid Billy and Timmy. What is the problem with that?'”

~The Associated Press, as quoted in Beyond Ava and Aiden by Linda Rosenkrantz and Pamela Redmond Satran (Nameberry‘s creators)


11 thoughts on “Good to hear this perspective

  1. Yes!! I love it when people with hard to pronounce names give their perspective because I always wonder what it is really like to have a hard to pronounce name (I’ve always imagined that it would be annoying). I’m okay with uncommon names, but there’s a line between uncommon (think Ignatius) and just weird (like Pilot Inspektor).

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  2. I definitely appreciate his perspective! And I agree that there is a difference between “difficult to pronounce” and “rare” or “underused.”

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