I’m over at Jenny’s blog today!

You all know Jenny Uebbing from her awesome blog Mama Needs Coffee (awesome because of the content, of course — she’s direct and hard-hitting and courageous when writing about the issues facing Catholics today, which I love so much — and awesome because of the name of the blog. Sing.It.Sister), and also from the times I’ve had her here: the name consultation I did for her when she was expecting her youngest, and the subsequent birth announcement, for which this meme was surely made:

From Catholic Memes

Get it? Get it? 😂😂😂 Star Wars + Catholic. My life is made. 😍

Anyway! Amazing Jenny, fellow JP2 fangirl, has just posted an interview with … me! And I give most of the credit for how it turned out to her — she asked great questions! I had to dig deep and do some research and pull together some things I’d been wanting to track down and I’m so glad I did, because it ended up being a great compilation of some important resources for Catholic namers (because of it, I created this new tab up at the top: Catholic Church On Naming, which I’ll add to as I find additional resources).

I’d love to know what you think of the interview! (I’m also dying over one of the tags she gave it — “Catholics Do What?” Hahahaha!)

Also, you’ll see at the end that I was given the go-ahead to mention two upcoming exciting things, both of which I’ll tell you more about soon, but quickly, regarding the second thing, I just wanted to let you know it became available for pre-order yesterday (the cover’s coming, don’t fear). You’ll notice that I wrote that very calmly and without any undignified exclamation points. You should in no way take this to mean that I haven’t been gasping for breath and doing touchdown dances in the privacy of my home over being in an actual published book.

And I’ve already blabbed too much. So sorry to keep you! I hope Jenny’s piece makes your Friday even more fun! ❤❤❤



Gift ideas & marketplace

You’ll see I put together a new tab at the top called Gift ideas & marketplace. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, and with Christmas coming, now’s the perfect time!

Several of the people and families I’ve profiled or mentioned on the blog through consultations, birth announcements, and other posts have shops that help them contribute to their family income. I just wanted to compile them all in one user-friendly place, for myself as much as for all of you (if I missed anyone please let me know!). I’ve also done posts in the past with gift ideas, so I included them as well. Hopefully this makes your Christmas shopping easier, and blesses our little community!

Gettin’ my Irish on

It’s St. Paddy’s Eve, y’all! ❤ 😀 ❤

I’m really excited to be speaking tonight at a dinner for Irish Catholic women on the usage of the name of Mary by the Irish in Ireland and America — I’ll be sharing a little history, a little language, and some really cool names (like my fave Miles that I’m always pushing on all of you!), and the comments you all left on this post were tremendously helpful! Go raibh maith agat! (“Thank you” in Irish!)

One of my college roommates sent me this article, which I thought was pretty great: Irish Names: Here are 17 unusual ones to give your baby by Nameberry cofounder Pamela Redmond Satran. Some of my personal faves are on there, like Emer (one of the co-founders of the student pro-life group at the university I attended in Ireland was Emer, so I have all good feelings for the name) and Nuala and Senan, and I’ve been crushing on recently on Fia/Fiadh. (Kind of reminds me of Fiat … hmmm …)

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I’ve also got a special treat lined up tomorrow — a bonus consultation for an Irish name for the seventh baby/sixth boy of this mama colleen (who’s an actual Mama Colleen)! I can’t wait! I’m also totally cracking up over the in-utero nickname she says they have for the Little Mister:

Enda Dunn. It’s an Irish name that means “Mom and Dad are really, really tired.” 🙂 “

Finally, I think you’ll probably all enjoy this article: Staunchly defending second-hand blarney. It’s an Irish Times piece from 2001, when I was the New York Rose in the Rose of Tralee Festival in Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland, and while it doesn’t paint the greatest picture of the Festival (the author was definitely snarky before snarky was even a word), it says quite nice things about me. 🙂 I was doing some paperwork this morning and came across it and it made me laugh out loud. 😀 (I’ve actually tried to figure out who the author was, so I can thank him — he says some of the nicest things about me anyone’s ever said. Am I just missing his name? Can anyone help me out?)

If you’re finding all this greeny green tiresome already, I apologize, because I’m kind of a handful about all this. 😀 But if you love all things Irish as I do, be sure to look back over my old posts tagged “Irish names” and I ‘ll even repost this video, because I love it:

And for all of you who love to read to your little ones, check out Finney the Leprechaun and his faith-filled story-rhymes (the drawing of the church in this post may or may not have been drawn by my oldest boy ((proud mama face)) ).

That’s all I have for now, but I’m not promising I won’t be back again later today with more! We’ll see! 😉

Lenten almsgiving (to Catholic Charities) PLUS fill your Easter basket … all in one go!

I swiped the title of this post from Monica’s post of the same name over at Catholic Bloggers Network (I hope she doesn’t mind!), in which she talks about today’s Zelie & Co. Charity Auction — she lists all the bloggers and artisans who have teamed up for this endeavor, and all the charities that will benefit. Be sure to check it out!

All of the action is happening on the Zelie & Co. Instagram feed today. I’ll be posting on my own Instagram as well, but all of the bids have to happen at Zelie & Co. The auction starts at 9am Central (10am Eastern) and will go all day until midnight Central/1:00am Eastern tonight.

Here’s our beautiful set:

HappyNestZelieCharityAuction Full Set Collage2

All in all, our set includes:

The whole thing’s valued at $145! If you have babies, you know know these would be such great things to have, and they would make a wonderful gift for a new mama too — so nice to have beautiful, useful, baby-friendly things! And all of the money raised goes to charity — ours is PerpetuaLife Care, Inc., which is a 501C3 not-for-profit dedicated to supporting my local affiliate of the National Gianna Center for Women’s Health and Fertility™, Gianna of Albany.

Thank you for any support you’re able to give this effort!


A few short hours until the Zelie & Co. Charity Auction!

I’m getting so excited about the Zelie & Co. Charity Auction — tomorrow’s the day!

Theresa has worked so hard to put together a simply beautiful set of items for the auction, which will benefit PerpetuaLife Care, Inc., which is a 501C3 dedicated to supporting my local affiliate of the National Gianna Center for Women’s Health and Fertility™, Gianna of Albany.


I’ve been posting pictures of the pieces in our set all afternoon/evening over on my Instagram — be sure to check them out!


Be sure to follow the hashtag #ZelieCharityAuction to see all the beautiful items being offered by so many beautiful ladies!

The auction will start at 9am Central (10am Eastern for my part of the country) and will run until midnight CST. Highest bidder wins the set! (And the second- and third-highest bidders on our set will also get a NamePrint from me. 🙂 )


Zelie & Co. Charity Auction!

Have you all heard of Zelie and Co.?* It’s a group of independent Catholic Artisans who have teamed up to offer some exclusive sets at great discounts through their Instagram flash sales — it’s a great group to follow on IG if you don’t already!

So this lovely lady, Theresa from Happy Nest Home Goods (she makes beeeaaauuuuutiful things! Check out her etsy shop; she’s also on Instagram), who is one of the immensely talented Zelie & Co. Artisans (and who’s also the mama behind this nickname consultation post from May!), has asked me to partner with her for an exciting upcoming Zelie & Co. event: a 100% fundraiser for some awesome Catholic charities as a way to kick off Lent.

ZelieCharityAuction Logo

Can you guess how honored and humbled and totally thrilled I am to be asked to participate in something so wonderful??!!!

This is how it’s going to go:

Theresa is busy making an exclusive set of items valued at at least $100 retail, and I’m contributing a gift certificate for one of my NamePrint Printables ($25 value), all of which will go up for auction as a set on Mardi Gras (the day before Ash Wednesday, Tuesday Feb. 9) — that’s next Tuesday y’all! Can you believe Lent’s almost here??

You’ll be able to bid on the items from the time they post at 9:00am Central Time (10:00am Eastern, which is my time) until midnight Central Time that same day; the bids will increase by $5 increments, and of course the highest bidder will win the set. Bids will be taken on the Zelie & Co. Instagram page only.

Best of all, 100% of the money will go to the charity of my choice!

Yes! I get to choose the charity! Gianna of Albany, which is my local affiliate of the National Gianna Center for Women’s Health and Fertility™, is founded on the premise that each person is a precious and unique gift from God. It is committed to delivering excellent health care through medical and lifestyle interventions that are consistent with the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Healthcare Services (ERD), including NaProTECHNOLOGY™ (Natural Procreative Technology), a revolutionary women’s health science that respects the dignity of women by working cooperatively with their natural cycles.

Gianna of Albany’s Dr. Jan Patterson has been a huge help and support to me as a Natural Family Planning instructor, and has been a Godsend to women/families I personally know who are/were struggling with infertility and other fertility-related issues; we are so blessed to have her. I really want whatever we raise to support her efforts, so Theresa and I have decided to give the money to PerpetuaLife Care, Inc., which is a 501C3 dedicated to supporting Gianna of Albany. Fittingly, only after I told Theresa of my chosen charity did she share with me that she and her husband had suffered from infertility for the first several years of their marriage and it was thanks to a great NaPro doctor (and, of course, Our Lord!) that they were blessed with their sweet baby boy. So it’s just a perfect fit all around. I am so excited to help mamas and babies and families in this way!

So I’m going to be posting about this a few times over the next week, here on the blog and all my social medias (Twitter and Facebook, and especially Instagram, where all the action will be happening) — including sneak peeks of Theresa’s beautiful items! Please spread the word as much as you can, and I hope you all can participate! As an extra incentive, I’ll also give a customized NamePrint Printable to the second- and third-highest bidders. 🙂

The quick deets:

And please join us in asking St. Zelie and St. Therese for their intercession for the success of this event, for all of the participants, and the charities and the people they serve!

* Of course I had to include the namey bit about Zelie & Co. — I just love this:
We have chosen St. Zelie as our namesake because we think she gets us 😉 St. Zelie was an exquisitely talented lacemaker! And she used her talent and keen intellect to create a very successful business. She built something that was a blessing to her family and at the same time raised Saints! That’s what we all aspire to do!

When you’re doing your Advent and Christmas shopping …

The whole time I’ve had my own household to manage — thirteen years this past September — I’ve never had an Advent wreath, and I’ve always wanted one. Last year I decided I was definitely getting one for this Christmas, and today (yes, I’m almost always Mrs. Last Minute) I ordered this one from The Catholic Company.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — The Catholic Company is always my go-to for religious items for gifts for others or for me or for the kids or our family. They have beautiful things for Advent and Christmas, and I’ve posted previously about other select items that I like. All of this is why I signed up to be an affiliate with them to begin with — they have so much that I’d recommend to all of you!

I’m also an Amazon affiliate, because that’s where I’ve gotten almost all my name books — all the books I’d recommend to you or to anyone who wants ideas for naming a baby, or for Confirmation, or for characters in your stories, or just because you love names and can’t think of anything you’d rather do than curl up with a name book. I know I’m not the only one! 😉

So when you’re doing your online Advent and Christmas shopping, consider starting here! I have lots of good stuff listed on my Resources and recommendations page. Even if you don’t end up buying anything I’ve recommended, if you use any of my links to get to Amazon or The Catholic Company, I’ll get a percentage of the money you end up spending in that transaction. (Also, because I’m a terrible businesswoman and I’m not in dire circumstances, I do want to let you know that many many bloggers are affiliates of different businesses, so if you know of any that you think need particular financial help at this time of year, use their links instead!)

Oh! Don’t forget that I have my NamePrint printables available as well!

This post contains affiliate links brought to you by The Catholic Company – The World’s #1 Catholic Store and Amazon.com.