Name story: Meriam Joyce

Every once in a while I get an email from a reader simply because she wants to share the story of her child’s name. I LOVE those emails! So fun! Zoe emailed me recently to tell me about how her daughter got her name, Meriam Joyce, and I thought her strategy might be helpful for some of you:

Meriam is almost a year old now. She is my only child (so far) and originally finding a name we both liked was tough. We decided that I would get to choose the girl name and my husband could choose the boy name. At fourteen weeks, we agreed on Mia for a girl and Jack for a boy. Shortly after, we found out we were expecting a girl. But something about Mia just didn’t feel complete.

When I was 6 months pregnant, my mom was visited by Mother Mary in a dream. My mom already had a strong devotion to the Blessed Mother, especially when she was immigrating to the United States by herself as a young adult in the 1970s. This has been passed on to me as well; there are many times in my life that Our Lady has intervened on my behalf. In the dream, Mother Mary told my mom that the baby should be given a Marian name, specifically the name Miriam. I have since read that “Maryam” is probably one of the most accurate forms of her name during the time of Jesus.

My mom brought this to me and I liked the significance of the name. We decided to stick with Miriam instead of Mia and changed the spelling to Meriam. My grandmother is Melinda and my sister is Ria Melinda. So ME from Melinda combined with RIA M from Ria Melinda spells Meriam. Joyce is after my mom, who originally had the dream.

We were going to eventually incorporate Mia as a nickname, but it never stuck. We usually call her Mer (pronounced “mare”), Meri (like Mary), or Blueberry (because during our first ultrasound, she was the size of blueberry). Meriam is named after many special women and we are delighted to be her parents.”

Isn’t this such a great story?! I love Marian names anyway, but with this little Meriam having the extra significance of ME from Great-Grandma Melinda and RIA+M from her aunt is ah-MAZ-ing! And Joyce for her Grandma! All the important women in one beautiful little girl’s name!

Thanks to Zoe for sharing her daughter’s name story, and for sharing this adorable picture!

image1 (25)

Meriam Joyce

Prayers for Charlotte

Happy feast of the birthday of Our Lady!!

A longtime and devoted reader needs prayers, big time. We’ve prayed for Charlotte before through her surgery for endometriosis and she was so hopeful that not only would the surgery heal her but also that it would preserve her ability to have children one day. She’s had some major setbacks though and she’s in constant pain and she’s asking for prayers again from all of you:

Hi Kate – random, but I was wondering if you’d mind asking your readers for some prayers again. I’m off to the doctor in about an hour to talk about what would be involved in a hysterectomy, and next week I talk to a different doc about what would be involved with long term pain management. We’ve been pumping medicine and hormones into my body for several months now (the last hormone to be added, about two months ago, has resulted in me gaining 50+ pounds, which isn’t helping my health at all), I feel awful much of the time, because of shots I get every months I get nauseous and I deal with mood swings and hot flashes (they’ve put me in a sort of temporary menopause – so fun). I don’t want to sound too complainy about all that, because I was eager to try every single option to get my adenomyosis under control after finally getting my endometriosis under control. But we’ve come to the point where those medicines and hormones aren’t fully doing the job (I still get severe pain a few times a day) and so now my choice is between the two things I was most hoping to avoid – getting a hysterectomy or getting long term pain management … So basically I’ve spent the last few days feeling pretty lousy and having absolutely no idea what I should do. I’m hoping and praying that some time soon I find some clarity or understanding – OR that my last lupron shot finally works 😀 but that’s a long shot.”

And a later update:

Today at the doc we decided to try for another three months after this next Lupron shot. We expect it to be kind of hard for me, as we can’t do as much about the pain.”

I know how much Charlotte suffers, and I know how dearly she hopes to be able to have children one day. I know a lot of you have been through similar situations! So please keep Charlotte in your prayers, and may Mother Mary and St. Anne intercede for her and bring her comfort and peace. ❤❤❤

A reader needs help rebuilding after Harvey!

Our regular Monday consultation will post tomorrow — thank you to that family who was happy to make room for this post today!

I haven’t known what to post about the hurricane, even though everyone who is suffering the effects of it have been on my mind and in our family prayers constantly. But this morning, one of longtime readers (one of my very first!), who is the mama of the beautifully named baby girl whose birth announcement I posted here as well as older children Jude Benedict Ambrose and Felicity Catherine Finbar (sometimes called Fin 😍) — messaged me with the following request:

Our home flooded during Hurricane Harvey. We don’t have flood insurance and we’re staring down major, major repairs; we basically had to gut everything in our house countertop height and below. I know you’ve built such a great community at Sancta Nomina and I’ve loved being a small part of it. I wanted to see if you’d be willing to reach out to your readers and ask if they would pray for us and also consider donating. My sister set up a gofundme [here].”

I’m so glad to know of a specific family and a specific way to help! If you click on the link, you’ll see photos of their house and the damage that’s been done (as well as a photo of the family, they are so sweet).

I know that even if you can’t afford to help monetarily, you all are good pray-ers, so please keep this family in your prayers! And if you can donate, please do — every little bit helps. Thank you all!! ❤💕❤💕

My sister, Ven. Solanus Casey’s friend

I’ve mentioned before that my family believes my sister’s life is a miracle attributed to Ven. Solanus Casey’s intercession. In fact, my mom worked with the hospital whose NICU is where my sister was transported after she was finally revived at our local hospital after birth, the doctor who cared for my sister when she was in the NICU (who’s not Catholic, but believes my sister’s progress is beyond scientific explanation), and our bishop to compile all the info from her traumatic birth 33 years ago, and submitted it to the Vice-Postulators for the Cause of Fr. Solanus’ canonization. Though a different miracle was the one recognized by Pope Francis as evidence for Fr. Solanus’ beatification, my sister has been invited to participate in the Beatification Mass on Nov. 18 in Detroit, and we continue to thank God for Fr. Solanus’ intercession.

Our diocesan paper — who did a story on my sister several years ago when she was in high school — just ran a new story on her, published today: Once stillborn, local woman will take part in beatification of priest who may have saved her. It’s a pretty great article about a pretty great girl.

We and all who love Fr. Solanus would love to see him canonized! Please feel free to share this information, and please pray for his canonization!

Happy feast of Sts. Anne and Joachim! A giveaway for you! ❤

It’s our patronal feast day!! 🎉🎉🎉

I’ve absolutely loved having St. Anne as the patroness of this blog — she has shown herself to be a help to me and to our Sancta Nomina community so many times! In preparation for today I did a St. Anne Novena, which ended yesterday, and I offered it for all of you and your intentions. 💕

And I have a few things to give away! The major thing is a Matching His & Hers Rosary and Rosary Bracelet set from our friend Shannon‘s Chews Life shop, which has been posted especially in honor of this wonderful feast day!

Screen shot of the Chews Life IG post

The winner will be able to choose the color — there are several available, all beautiful.

Secondly, I have two Tiny Saints St. Anne charms, perfect for any little one with St. Anne as patron (or any big one too!).


To enter this giveaway, just click here! It’ll run until midnight on Friday, and I’ll randomly draw three winners on Saturday — the first will get the Rosary and Rosary Bracelet set, and the second and third will get a Tiny Saints charm.

Thank you all for being so wonderful, and thank you to St. Anne for watching over us and praying for us! ❤🌹❤🌹❤🌹

Compliments for Sancta Nomina (all of us!)

You all know I’ve been writing for for a couple of years, and I’ve always loved that it’s an award-winning site with a lot of amazing contributors — it’s such an honor to be a part of it! So you can imagine how thrilled I was to read that, in explaining why was awarded second place (!!!) in the Best Group or Association Blog category at the Catholic Press Association Awards ceremony in Quebec in June, evaluators noted:

This blog covered a wide range of subjects including: baby name suggestions, holiday specials, service trip information, book reviews, grief, technology, etc. There was an abundance of content, which made evaluating each article nearly impossible, but demonstrates a commitment to the blog and to providing the readers with interesting and diverse content.”

Did you notice which subject was listed first? I’m pretty sure I’m the only one writing about baby names — at least regularly — so I squealed a little with excitement when I read that!

I also wanted to share the lovely thing Abby from Appellation Mountain said about us all in her July 2 Sunday Summary:

I’m grateful for many things, but this community of namers nears the very top of my list.”

What an amazing thing to say! And I totally agree with her about you all, 100%. ❤