Helpful naming tips and info

A collection of posts and comments from Sancta Nomina and elsewhere that I think are particularly helpful.

Naming in general

On the popularity of names today not being the same as the popularity of names in the past, and popularity in general:

On naming regret:

On names sounding different in non-American English and American dialects:

On problematic initials:

On creative spelling

Advice to parents expecting their first baby and considering names of a variety of different styles (from a comment on this thread): “Your list combines some fairly distinct styles. If you’re thinking of more children later, perhaps it’d help with naming this child to consider which of these styles is more “you” — not because sibling names absolutely have to match, but because sticking to one category can help mitigate the tyranny of choice.”

The Secret Meaning of Names by Abby at Appellation Mountain (which helped inspire and inform my own article at CatholicMom, Name definitions vs. name meanings)

Dibs on names? Sharing okay? by me (contains links to well-articulated opinions by Swistle, the Name Lady, and the Baby Name Wizard/Laura Wattenberg)

What to Name the Siblings of a Child With a Gender-Neutral Name or With a Name Traditionally Given to the Opposite Sex by Swistle (great general advice within the specific context of what to name the sister of a girl named Micah)

9 Creative Ways to Honor Loved Ones With Your Child’s Name by Abby at App Mtn

When Should You Share Your Baby’s Name? by Abby at Nameberry

In Defense of Nicknames: Ten Reasons to Embrace Nickname-Rich Names by Abby at App Mtn

Catholic naming, specifically

Who Are All Those Saints in the Roman Canon? by Kevin Di Camillo at the National Catholic Register (these saints are also often referred to as those “in the Canon of the Mass” or “in the canon”)