Sancta Nomina Media

The very fancy title of this page refers to places other than my little blog and my regular postings at CatholicMom and Nameberry that you might find a word or two from me about Catholic naming.

Kate Towne: What’s in a {Catholic} Name? (Go Forth with Heather & Becky podcast, March 2017)

What’s in a (Catholic) name? {An interview with Sancta Nomina} (Interview with Jenny Uebbing at Mama Needs Coffee, March 2017)

I began sharing posts on the Association of Catholic Women Bloggers site (November 2016)

I was mentioned on The Catholic Hipster Tommy Tighe’s The Chimney podcast, Episode 047 (!) (August 2016)

From Ambrose to Zelie: For Catholic Babies, Old Is the New New: Fulton and Vianney, Felicity and Avila, Giorgio and Elias are all showing up in 21st century baptismal books (by Simcha Fisher at Aleteia, 2016)

Kate Towne on Catholic Baby Names (Jen Fulwiler’s Sirius XM show, 2016, and my segment’s not available online, but I can’t not include it here! What an awesome thing it was to be on her show!)

Let’s Talk About Catholic Baby Names with Kate Towne (Fountains of Carrots podcast, 2016)

How Your Name Can Affect Your Success (Momjunction, 2016 — I’m in the infographic)

Naming Catholic Babies: Kate from Sancta Nomina (Restless Press, 2015)