Birth announcement: Bennett Michael!

One of my dearest friends (bridesmaid-in-my-wedding kind of friend) and her husband have welcomed their second baby on earth, and have given him the amazingly handsome name of … Bennett Michael!

One of the most fun parts of his naming is that she and her husband keep their name choices secret until the birth, but she revealed to me not too long ago that they’d actually first heard the name they’d chosen for a boy from one of you readers! So I was a little obsessive about going through old posts and trying to figure out what I thought the name could be, and I totally called it — I even told my husband, just so I’d have a witness! Haha!

So when she texted me the wonderful news about my wonderful newest pseudo-nephew, I was dancing for joy for all sorts of reasons. 😀 ❤ ❤ ❤

Bennett joins big brother Luke Francis, and I don’t yet know if they’re going to call him Ben or Benny but I love every single aspect of brothers Luke and Bennett. Fantastic taste you guys!! Lots of love and congratulations again, and happy birthday Baby Bennett!!


Bennett Michael

(Fun fact: Bennett’s mama is one of several really close friends of mine from college, and between the five of us we have three girls and lots of boys — Bennett is boy #16!!!)

(Now to go obsessively try to figure out their girl name, which is a totally futile attempt because I know she won’t tell me. 😛 )



Birth announcement: Zita Fidela!

A mama I did a private consultation for last spring emailed me to let me know what they ended up naming their daughter: Zita Fidela!

She writes,

“… we named her Zita Fidela (fee-DAY-lah). She was born April 24th, 2015 at 11:38am after a five hour labor, my first daytime baby. She weighed 7lbs9oz at birth. She’s a big girl now though, crawling all over and starting to eat food. Time flies. Zita is a super sweet baby and very much adored by our whole family. She is nearly always joyful and smiling.

How did we choose? My husband really wanted to name her Annalise. I think Annalise is a lovely name, but I didn’t like it with our last name, and Zita’s next oldest sister, only 18 months older, is Anastasia, which I felt was too similar to Annalise. We do call Anastasia, Tacy, but still…I was just not comfortable with Annalise. I had had Stella, Cecilia, Zita and Salette as top contenders, but I didn’t feel “right” about any of them. I wanted the name we chose to be just “right” as soon as I saw it. I wanted to be feel really comfortable and in love with the name, and I just wasn’t feeling it for any of those names. Then I was checking their popularity, and I found that Stella was in the top 100 last year. That killed it for me. I don’t like to do popular. (Yes, I know I have a kid named Sam…which I am okay with…but….). Then I remembered how we’d chosen our son Henry’s middle name, Gerard, as Henry was born on St Gerard’s feast day. I looked up the saint for the day, April 24, and it was St Fidelis of Sigmaringen. Read about him, he’s very cool. Remember how I wanted a name saint who was a strong champion for the faith? St Fidelis is your man. Fidelis for a girl would be Fidela, right, and then suddenly it came together. Zita Fidela. I had said whispered quite a few names to my little girl over the past few hours, listening to myself say them and wondering if they fit. When I said that one, I had that knowing feeling I had been waiting and hoping for. I texted it to my husband (at home with the other kids), hoping so hard, because I knew it was the one. And he liked it. We still had the “Are you sure? You’re really sure?” conversation the next morning when we filled out her birth certificate, but that was just because neither of us wanted to insist on a name the other didn’t want.

We are hopeless nicknamers, it seems, so we call her Little Z a lot. Also Zezu (zee-zoo) and most recently, Henry, age 5, christened her Tooch and it’s stuck a little.”

What a beautiful story!! Zita’s big sibs have the amazing names:

Maria Antonia
Henry Gerard Marie
Vincent Alexander Marie (Vinnie, Vin, Vince, Vincie)
Anastasia Evamarie (Tacy)
Samuel Quentin Marie (Sam, Sammy)

Beautiful, right? I haven’t heard Zita at all on today’s babies — Zita’s parents seem to have done the seemingly impossible in finding a truly unique but still saintly name! And Marie in each of the boys’ names! I love that so much!

Congratulations to the whole family, and happy birthday Baby Zita!!

Birth announcement: Cara Maeve!

Molly’s consultation posted back in October, and yesterday their sixth little girl arrived! She’s been given the gorgeous name … Cara Maeve!

Molly writes,

Cara Maeve, born January 6, 2016 at 1404. 8 pounds 2 ounces … She came out and she just wasn’t a Quinn. Lol!!!

Isn’t that just the most amazing combo?? It’s another example (like Rosemary from last week) of parents saying they’re thinking about a certain style (in this case, a unisex surnamey first name, although Cara was also on their original list) but ending up with something different. When the name’s right, you gotta go with it! And Cara Maeve is all kinds of right. Consider that Cara means “friend” in Irish and “beloved” in Italian (and “friend” and “beloved” are so close in meaning), and Maeve, according to (my go-to for Irish names and meanings), can mean “cause of great joy,” which is a Marian titleCausa Nostrae Laetitiae, Cause of Our Joy. So Cara Maeve is packed full with beautiful faith-y significance.

Congratulations to Molly and Brian and big sisters Reilly, Kaitlin, Anna, Maura, and Meagan, and happy birthday Baby Cara!!


Cara Maeve

(There’s no announcement on Molly’s blog yet, but if you keep checking I bet there will be one soon! 😉 )

Birth announcement: Susanna Grace!

You all likely know by now that I will absolutely break any blog fasts for a birth announcement, and I’m excited to post one today!

I posted a consultation for Karra and her husband last month, and Karra emailed me to let me know her baby girl has arrived and has been given the gorgeous name Susanna Grace!

Karra writes,

I had our beautiful baby GIRL on November 27th, the day after thanksgiving!  We named her Susanna Grace after much much much much much much debate.  And actually she was not named for over 24 hours!!!  I kept saying to my husband, we need to name her because we keep calling her “the baby” or just “her.”

At the time of her birth, we had it narrowed down to Susanna, Mary, and Mary Beth (Mary Elizabeth).  Since she was born on the feast of St. Catherina of Alexandria though, we then considered Mary Cate (Mary Catherine).  And then Juliet was thrown in for good measure.  I thought my husband was leaning more towards Mary and I was leaning more towards Susanna…until he said that Susanna was his top choice.  I kept asking if he was sure and he assured me he was…I think it was after playing with first and middle names that we threw out there “Susanna Grace” and it just kind of fit perfectly.  I don’t know why I never paired these two names together before!

Anyways, I thought I would update you!  I appreciate all your help and suggestions, I read the post and comments several times during that 24 hours after her birth searching for inspiration!

I’m just in love with the name Susanna Grace, and I also love that little Susanna has a virtue name in the middle like her sisters. Well done, Mom and Dad!

Congratulations to the whole family, and happy birthday Baby Susanna!!

Birth announcement: Tiber Augustine Édouard!

Our dear reader hollyce has had her seventh baby — a boy! She and her husband have given him the ah-MAZ-ing name of Tiber Augustine Édouard! She writes,

Tiber Augustine Édouard Krueger born at 2121 on 10.31.2015, 6lbs14oz 19.5″ long

Named Tiber because of my conversion and Kris’s reversion in 2004-05, middle names chosen by godmother and oldest sister Lily for St. Augustine, St. Édouard and Édouard Manet

Ohhhh my. I can’t tell you exciting it is for me to see a little guy with the awesome and so-meaningful name Tiber! I LOVE it! ❤

He joins his amazingly well named big sibs:

Elizabeth Chandler nn Lily (“after my mom’s middle and maiden names“)

Cole Jacob (“shares my husband Kris’s middle name Jacob after Kris’s maternal grandfather and he has Kris’s mom’s initials“)

Anne Eleanor nn Annie (“named after the Anns and Annas on all sides of the families and St. Anne, Our Lady’s mother. She has Kris’s late dad’s initials“)

Blaise Robert (“after St. Blaise and my late dad, Robert“)

Urban Paul (“after Kris’s uncles’ middle names, St. Paul and Pope St. Urban – Uncle Steve was given Urban as his middle name after his Uncle Barney. Apparently Barney was a nickname for Urban?!“)

Mary Margaret Rose (“after the Blessed Mother, St. Margaret Clitherow, and we just liked Rose“)

Beautiful beautiful beautiful!!!

Congratulations to the whole family, and happy birthday Baby Tiber!!


Tiber’s baptism day!

Birth announcement: David Newton, Jr.!

Mandi from A Blog About Miscarriage has had her baby! The consultation I posted for her back in September focused on a middle name for a girl, but it was all moot because she has welcomed a son — David Newton, Jr.!

She writes,

Our son was born Wednesday, November 11 at 6:25pm. He was several days late but when he finally came, he was born less than an hour after labor started.  He was delivered by his daddy in the car!

We had narrowed down middle names for Cecilia to two front runners, Clare and Rose, with Paloma and Zelie as wild cards still in consideration, but decided to wait until the baby was born to make a final decision. Since baby was a boy, it turns out we never needed to. 

We named our son David Newton Richards, Jr. He shares his name with not only his father but his great grandfather and great great grandfather. My husband was given that name after his grandfather who died when my father-in-law was a teenager. He has a first cousin named David after their grandfather as well (and his son has the middle name David), so we have lots of Davids in the family and we are honored to pass on the tradition. My brother is a Jr. and I always loved that naming tradition so I planned to have my son be a Jr.  long before I met my husband. It was serendipitous that the man I did meet happened to have an awesome name with a rich family history. I used to not care for Newton much but I’ve grown to love that it’s old fashioned and uncommon. It hasn’t been in the top 1000 boys names in the U.S. since 1957! 

We haven’t come up with a nickname for little David yet (which I feel is kind of necessary to distinguish him in conversation from his dad) but are using a bunch and seeing which feels right. Being the nickname queen, maybe you have some suggestions for us that we haven’t considered? I myself am a bit partial to Newt but I don’t think I’ll be able to get that one to fly 🙂 “

What a wonderful family naming tradition little David was born into!! (Also, did you catch that — he was born in the car!)

Mandi asked for nickname ideas for David (she called me the “nickname queen”!! 😀 ), so these are mine:

  • (I love Newt!)
  • Certainly there’s Dave and Davey — Davey especially has kind of a throwback little guy feel, so sweet!
  • My grandfather was from Ireland and his name was David but his nickname growing up was Daithín (I think that’s how it’s spelled) — Irish for “little Daithi,” where Daithi is the Irish for David. Daithi is pronounced DAH-hee and Daithín like dah-HEEN, so maybe dah-HEEN? (Not sure how you’d want to spell it though! Daheen looks too feminine? And Daithín too Irish?)
  • My cousin is David Jr. and he goes by DJ, so maybe that?
  • You know I’m a big fan of combining first and middle names to come up with nicknames — in this case, maybe David Newton could become Danny? Not that unusual, but distinct from Dad. Or Dane?
  • Or Junior! (I hear Sean Connery saying, “Junior!” in his fabulous accent from the Indiana Jones movies! Haha!) Or just Jay? From Junior, which is kind of like Dave but different?
  • You could also do Richie, which is such a common thing for guys to go by (their last names, or nicknames of their last names), but maybe that’s weird to start at home? Is that more of a nickname that buddies bestow in high school?
  • This is a little crazy, but could be cute — what about D2? Like David II? It’s different, it’s Star Wars-y? Or just D, for that matter?
  • Or what about Dewi? It’s the Welsh version of David, and St. David of Wales is known as Dewi Sant, and Dewi’s kind of like David and Newton smushed together!

What nicknames would you suggest for little David Jr.?

You can read more about this little guy’s car birth in Mandi’s announcement on her blog. Congratulations to Mandi and David Sr. and big sister Lucia, and happy birthday Baby David!!


David Newton, Jr.


Hi Mister!


Proud big sister Lucia


Tiny guy!

NamePrint Printables

I have a new little something for you — not too long ago a friend of mine asked me if I could make up something for her to give to a friend who’d just had a baby — something that explained the baby’s name in a faith-y way. I wasn’t quite sure what she wanted so we discussed it a little and I showed her my idea and she loved it and reported later that her friend who’d received it as a gift loved it too.

So I thought I’d offer it here, and I came up with the clever little name NamePrints (like fingerprints! Or like, “Print your name here” …). They’re printables only — I’d deliver them to you via email as digital JPEG files for you to print as many times as you like, either on your home printer or at a print shop like FedEx or Kinko’s. I have a boy and a girl design (only because I didn’t think boys would love the super unmanly Sancta Nomina roses), and I’ve used my own name and Pope Francis’ birth name to demonstrate (below). 🙂

They’re $25.00 each, and to order just email me at sanctanomina (at) gmail (dot) com specifying style (girl or boy) and names and I’ll send you an invoice when it’s ready. I’ve also created a new NamePrint Printables tab for quick reference.

Happy Thursday y’all!!


The girl style: Sweet, feminine Sancta Nomina roses on the bottom.


The boy style: Very masculine blue crosses on the bottom.