Birth announcement: Moira Elizabeth Charlotte!

Happy Mother’s Day!! I gave you a little spiritual something yesterday, and today I have two (and possibly three!) birth announcements for you! What a wonderful day!! 😀 ❤ ❤ ❤

I posted a consultation for Genie at Barefoot Abbey back in January, and she’s let me know that her little girl has arrived and has been given the gooorgeous name … Moira Elizabeth Charlotte!

Genie writes,

Our little Ladybird was born at home the evening of February 16th. At 7 pounds 12 ounces, she is a runt compared to her brothers. Deo Gratias!! Henry, our son born right before her, was 10 pounds!

Now onto the fun stuff!

Her name is Moira Elizabeth Charlotte.

As you can see, we were won over by the boys’ lobbying and did indeed name her after a spider. They were so excited for her arrival that it just felt right we should honor them in that regard. The patrons of St. JP2 and Bl. Charlotte of the Resurrection aren’t too bad either.

In the end (5 days after she was born!) we had the first name narrowed down to Moira, Genevieve, or Josephine. We had liked Moira with Immaculée Clare, however the final theme we chose changed that. We decided to give each potential daughter a Marian name so we saved Immaculée … We’re still running through nicknames and are open to suggestions, with the exception of ‘Mo’. Our sons call her variations from Ladybird to Mosy-Posy, since she was drawn from the water.”

I just love love love the name Moira, and I love Elizabeth and Charlotte as middle names for it — what a beautiful, meaningful combo!!

If any of you have ideas for nicknames for little Moira, please feel free to share! (My two ideas were Mori and Moira Beth.)

Congratulations to Genie and her husband and big brothers Malachi, Noah, Liam, and Henry, and happy birthday Baby Moira!!

Moira Elizabeth Charlotte and her brothers


8 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Moira Elizabeth Charlotte!

  1. Love it! Congrats to the family. I also like Mori. Romy could work, too (it’s a bit of a stretch, but in that consultation they said they’d considered Moira nn Molly – traditional, but different sounds, so…). I also sort of love the idea of Millie, as sort of a smoosh nickname for Moira and Elizabeth. 🙂

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