Nameberry articles

I’ve had the great blessing of having some of my name writing featured on Nameberry! Check it out:

10.23.17 Some Surprising Surnames to Consider

The surprising derivations of these surnames give them an extra element of appeal.

07.18.17 How to Hide a Problematic Name

Some strategies for using a problematic name you love but hiding it too.

03.12.17 Baby Name Remorse: Helping Your Children Love Their Names

We’ve all heard about parents’ name remorse, but what if it’s the child who doesn’t like his or her name? Here are a few tips on helping them embrace their name.

11.17.16  Why So Few Girl Juniors?

Some of the reasons why so few moms choose to pass their names on to their daughters.

06.24.16 Best Cool, Unusual Saints’ Names

There are so many saints’ names beyond the obvious — here are ten that are both unusual and cool.

05.01.16 Baby Names Quandary: Use it now or bank a name you love?

Should you use or keep in reserve a name that’s similar to one that you love for another gender?

03.22.16 How Star Athletes Influence Baby Names

How the reputations of star athletes can have an influence on names — both pro and con.

01.05.16 Is Name Teasing a Thing of the Past?

Living in today’s diverse name landscape, kids no longer find any name weird.

12.17.15 Names for a Yuletide Babe: The O Antiphons

Names related to Catholic songs of praise — the O Antiphon names — including Rex, Regis, and Roxanne.

07.02.15 Baby Names Backwards and Inside Out

There are many paths to finding an indirect honor name, and here are a few that play around with their letters.

05.25.15 Problematic Baby Names

There are some names that come with a certain amount of cultural baggage. How about these? Usable or not?

04.05.15 Good-Intention Baby Naming

Even if a name doesn’t mean quite what you thought it did — it’s the intention that counts.

03.22.15 How to Name a Large Family

What factors come into play when you have to pick names for multiple children? Guest blogger Kate, speaking from experience, offers her rules of selection.

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