NamePrint Printables

I have a new little something for you — not too long ago a friend of mine asked me if I could make up something for her to give to a friend who’d just had a baby — something that explained the baby’s name in a faith-y way. I wasn’t quite sure what she wanted so we discussed it a little and I showed her my idea and she loved it and reported later that her friend who’d received it as a gift loved it too.

So I thought I’d offer it here, and I came up with the clever little name NamePrints (like fingerprints! Or like, “Print your name here” …). They’re printables only — I’d deliver them to you via email as digital JPEG files for you to print as many times as you like, either on your home printer or at a print shop like FedEx or Kinko’s. I have a boy and a girl design (only because I didn’t think boys would love the super unmanly Sancta Nomina roses), and I’ve used my own name and Pope Francis’ birth name to demonstrate (below). 🙂

They’re $25.00 each, and to order just email me at sanctanomina (at) gmail (dot) com specifying style (girl or boy) and names and I’ll send you an invoice when it’s ready. I’ve also created a new NamePrint Printables tab for quick reference.

Happy Thursday y’all!!


The girl style: Sweet, feminine Sancta Nomina roses on the bottom.


The boy style: Very masculine blue crosses on the bottom.