Birth announcement: Gemma Clare!

I posted a consultation for Jaclyn and her husband back in February, and Jaclyn’s let me know her new little girl has been born and given the beeauuutiful name … Gemma Clare!

Jaclyn writes,

Our daughter was born on May 1 (her due date!) and is happy and healthy. We decided to name her…Gemma Clare!!

We so enjoyed the ideas and suggestions from you and your readers, and hope you like the final decision ;)”

If you remember from the consultation, Jaclyn and her husband really wanted a name of “a saint (or derivative) or otherwise Catholic in nature…we want someone to hear her name and just know she’s Catholic” — I’d say they did pretty darn well with Gemma Clare!! It’s so full of faithy significance!!

Congratulations to the proud parents and big sibs Lillian, Olivia, and Henry, and happy birthday Baby Gemma!!

image1 (1)

Gemma Clare

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