April CatholicMom column is up!

My CatholicMom article for April posted today! It was inspired by a consultation I did for a family last year, and I thought it would be fun to revisit. I’d love to know what names you’d add to my list of Unmistakably Catholic Girl Names.


(If you’d like to know what that family ended up choosing, check out the wee lady’s birth announcement — such a great choice!)


11 thoughts on “April CatholicMom column is up!

  1. I just loved reading your name listings in this fun article! Brought me back to a time I knew once, that I would be quite delighted to know might be showing a bit of itself again! Thank you, as always, for your thoughts that make me think…

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  2. Love this topic! On a parallel plane, it’s exactly why we ended up with a Gabriel and not a Henry 😉 Have you created a similar list for boys?

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  3. Kate, I’ve been thinking of your article and this list again because I’ve been crushing on Frances if this baby is a girl and the reaction of non-Catholics seems to be slightly horrified.

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