Birth announcement: Philip Rivers’ baby has arrived!

Chargers’ QB Philip Rivers, favorite football player of Sancta Nomina 🙂 , and his wife Tiffany welcomed their eighth baby and sixth daughter, Clare, this past Wednesday!

Despite the fact that I was googling every couple of days to be sure I didn’t miss the announcement, I didn’t see it until earlier today, hence the belated birth announcement. But better late than never! You can read more here (awesome article. I’m constantly blown away by how he and his wife are loud and proud about their faith and marriage. Catholic courage, baby!) and here.

It was so fun being given a sneak peek into the Rivers’ baby naming, and knowing ahead of time what little Miss Clare’s name would be! Thank you all for keeping Tiffany and Baby Clare in your prayers, and congratulations to the Rivers family!!

Updated to add: I assume the little one’s full name is Clare Magdalen(e) but I haven’t seen any report to confirm that, nor to confirm the spelling.


6 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Philip Rivers’ baby has arrived!

  1. Such a lovely family. One thing I noticed this morning is that I have a Clare and have eliminated considering Sarah and Caroline because I thought they might be too close to Clare’s name. They now have all three as well as my other perpetual girl favorite of Grace.

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