Check out these namey articles at Aleteia

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!

I came across a writer at Aleteia today who has written a bunch of articles on Catholic naming! It shows just how out of the loop I’ve been that I’d never heard of her nor seen any of her articles until now. Her name is Cerith Gardiner (how coooool is the name Cerith??!! What do you all know about it? It’s not in behindthename’s database, and a broader google search suggests it might be Welsh …), and her articles include 7 Unusual boys names from inspirational child martyrs to 7 Baby girls’ names that capture the spirit of Advent and Christmas to Catholic baby girls’ names that science says are the most beautiful and The Catholic baby boys’ names that science claims are the most beautiful, and many more.

It seems like a perfect idea for Thanksgiving to curl up with a cup of coffee before the craziness of the big meal, or after everything’s been eaten and you need some quiet time to digest and decompress, and read through so many fun namey articles! Have a wonderful day!

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