Birth announcement: Uebbing Baby Quattro!

I don’t know what I did with my life before Instagram (despite my recent bellyaching about it — I’ve come around) and Twitter and Facebook — how does one stay abreast of important happenings without them?? Like: birth announcements! Social media (here and here and here) has informed me that Jenny Uebbing has had her baby — a boy! Luke Maximilian! On the feast of St. Maximilian Kolbe!

If you remember from my consultation for her, Luke was on her longtime boy list but she’d said,

meh. I’m fading on this one. But I’ve loved the name since I first saw Star Wars at age 12, and what child doesn’t want that kind of honor associated with his moniker? Plus, the Gospel of St. Luke is my fav

and I’d said,

Luke is hard to beat! The Gospel and the Skywalker are of course amazing reference points (reasons why it’s one of my faves too!), and it’s such a good match as a brother to Joseph and John Paul

and I’m soooo delighted that she and her hubs decided to go with it, and I love love love it paired with Maximilian, and ON HIS FEAST! Can it get more perfect!

And a million thanks to Baby Luke for coming today, because I’d wanted to post about St. Max, but I did the Holy Name of Jesus post earlier (momentarily forgetting what today’s feast is) but now I have a great reason to post for his feast, and birth announcements are the very best posts of all.

Congratulations to Jenny and the whole Uebbing family, and happy happy birthday Luke!!


10 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Uebbing Baby Quattro!

  1. Love!! I know a little Max born in Japan not far from where Kolbe’s monastery was… I just love tangible connections to the Saint like being born on their feast day or their hometown, etc.

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  2. […] Jenny’s baby Luke had the amazing blessing of being kissed by Pope Francis, and an amazing picture was taken of it, and I’ve seen it on social media about a THOUSAND times since, between just the regular Pope Francis coverage while he was here and Jenny’s constant sharing and resharing of it (which I would totally do too, Mama! And maybe a bigger-than-life-size print made and framed and hung on the front of the house. Discreet like.), but it wasn’t until one of you wonderful readers emailed me a link to the story to be sure I’d seen it and said, “One of your consult babies got kissed by the pope in Philadelphia!” that I thought about it in that way. […]


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