Baby name consultation: Patton Camper No. 6!

Happppppy Easter Monday y’all!!! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!! Doesn’t the world look extra sunny now that Lent is over and the tomb is empty? He is risen! Hallelujah!

I’m thrilled/delighted/dancing with joy 💃💃💃 to post today’s consultation! Funny enough, it was Easter Monday of 2015 when I posted the first consultation I did for this family (for Baby No. 5) — pretty cool that I get to post one for their newest little one on Easter Monday 2017!

So yes, as you’ve surely gleaned from the title, today’s consultation is for Grace over at Camp Patton — she’s one of my favorite favorite bloggers, not least because she posts lots of pictures of her beautiful children, and she are her husband have the BEST taste in names! Lest you’ve forgotten, this wee green bean (=gender unknown)  🌱 will join big sibs:

Julia Grace
Sebastian Xavier (Bash)
Theodore Augustine (Theo)
Phoebe Annika
Bosco Ignatius

(In calling this baby No. 6, I mean their sixth baby on earth — I don’t at all mean to forget their little Felipe, who’s surely interceding for them all, like so many of our babies.)

I’m ridiculously in love with the names Grace and her hubby Simon have chosen, and there’s not really a whole lot I feel like I can add — no matter what they end up naming their babe, I know it will be ah-mazing.

That said, when I asked Grace if she would mind if I offered some new suggestions, she said:

Yes! We’d love that!

We are always so undecided until the last minute!

Thank you Kate!!!! SO excited!!!

I know, right?? SO EXCITED!! 😍😍😍

She continued,

For boys we’ve tossed around Dominic or Damian (I think we should avoid a name ending in “o” as we’ve got Theo, Bosco, and now Diego and I’m constantly confusing their names!) and for girls I kind of like Caroline or Felicity but I’m not sure if Felicity is too similar to Phoebe and if it’s too long a name not to have a nickname for? (I’m not a huge fan of “lissy”) — I suggested Simon for a boy but Simon said that ship has sailed since we didn’t name our first born Simon but I disagree — ha!!!

As I’m sure you’re not surprised by, I have thoughts about this whole paragraph. First, I LOVE Dominic and Damian. Love! Dominic’s one of my very favorites (I spotlighted the name here), and I’m over the moon every time I see anyone considering Damian! (Here’s a little Damien I did a recent birth announcement for.) It’s such a great name with such a great saintly pedigree, I can’t say enough good things about it. (I’m not even going to acknowledge that movie. And I really hope you don’t know what I’m referring to.)

I also love Caroline and Felicity, both of which I included in my ideas in my first consultation post 😊. So let’s talk about Felicity. (1) Do I think it’s too similar to Phoebe? I do not. I considered this last time and decided it was perfect enough, even following immediately after Phoebe, to include it in my list of ideas. In a family with a bunch of kids, two of them sharing the same initial sound isn’t that big a deal at all, especially with having different first initials. Add in that, this time, there’s a Bosco in between Phoebe and this new baby, and I think it’s totally and completely fine. (2) What about nicknames? Nicknames! The nickname issue so often seems to be a sticking point in regards to choosing Felicity! But fear not — I did a spotlight on Felicity recently, and I included nickname ideas! A lot of the readers left great ideas too, including what they call their real-life little Felicitys, so be sure to check it out; some that I think could work well for the Pattons include:

  • Fliss(y)
  • Flick, Flicka (actress Felicity Huffman has a web site for women in general and moms in particular called What the Flicka)
  • Lily
  • Fin (especially maybe for something like Felicity Nora)
  • Zita is a Hungarian diminutive of the name, and Zyta a Polish short form
  • Felly
  • Cissy
  • Flitzi, Fitzi, Fitz
  • Cece
  • Liddy

So I would definitely keep Felicity on their list, and I know one little Felicity in real life who is always Felicity, so that’s an option too.

And what about Simon, after Dad? I’m glad brother Theodore isn’t interfering with Grace’s love of this idea, because Simon is a great name. But what about naming a non-firstborn son after dad? This could be the topic of a whole other post — in fact, I’ll plan to do that soon — but I’ll offer that though perhaps it’s more traditional to name a firstborn son after dad, if you’re going to do that kind of thing, it’s not UNtraditional nor unheard of to give Dad’s name to a subsequent son. I’ve got loads of personal examples: we named our firstborn after our two dads, and our second boy got my husband’s name as a middle, my brother’s second son is a Junior, my two brothers were named after my grandfathers, and if there was ever a third boy he would have gotten my dad’s name as a middle. There’s something really nice about naming a non-firstborn after Dad, actually — there are a lot of traditional firstborn “perks,” so saving Dad’s name for a second/third/fourth son could help even the playing field a bit. But if Simon can’t come around to the idea of Simon as a first name, I think it would make an amazing middle (for a boy or a girl! More on that below).

Really, I think Dominic, Damian, Simon, Caroline, and Felicity would all be amazing additions to the amazingly named Patton children, and I’d be thrilled if they named their baby any of them.

Despite the fact that the Patton Parents are expert namers and have some tremendous ideas, of course I can always come up with some more! First I just have to say, I still love all the ideas I suggested last time (for a girl: various ideas for backing into the nickname Lola, Elisabeth, Felicity, Stella; for a boy: Maximilian nicked Miles, Francis nicked Finn, Gregory nicked Rory or Gus [Gregory Simon=Gus so perfectly!]). And the arrival of Mr. Bosco opened up another whole area of possibilities with the last-name-as-first name thing, which really had already been there a little bit with Bash’s middle name being Xavier (I think Xavier’s mostly lost its last-naminess, but when there’s also a Bosco in the family, it comes to the fore a little more), so I was tempted to offer some more along those lines — Kolbe, Bennett, Becket, Siena, Serra — but I fought against it because I was feeling like following Bosco with another surname name might feel like a little too much. Do you agree? I did make two exceptions though, which I’ll explain below.

Okay! On to my ideas. You all know that I rely heavily on the Baby Name Wizard in my consultations, as it offers, for each entry, boy and girl names that are similar in terms of style/feel/popularity, and I also used Nymbler and the Name Matchmaker this time around as well. I used both the names they’ve already used (first names only, except I also included Xavier and Annika, both of which Grace has said in the past that she sort of wished they’d saved for first names), and those they’re considering in my research. A lot of names spoke to me that didn’t last time, and I also took some chances and ventured farther afield. This is what I came up with:


(1) Emmeline
I started out feeling like the Pattons had a Brideshead Revisisted feel going on with Julia, Sebastian, and Theodore, and while I initially felt a little bit like Phoebe threw me for a loop, all I had to do was remember that my own family tree on my dad’s side — which has a direct line back to 1600s England — has a bunch of girls named Phebe in it (that spelling), especially the closer you get to the family’s emigration from England, to make me think I wasn’t that far off with Brideshead Revisited. Add in Caroline and Felicity to the names they’re considering, and I’m feeling pretty good about suggesting the lovely Emmeline. Behind the Name says it’s a variant of Amelia, which is where patron saints can be found, or you could think of it as an elaboration of Emma, in which case these saints would suit. It can be said emma-LINE, emma-LYNN, and emma-LEEN, and can be spelled Emmaline and Emmalyn. Emma and Emmy are sweet nicknames.

(2) Magdalene
This is the first surname name I allowed myself to suggest, both because it’s a girl’s name rather than a boy’s, and because it doesn’t feel surnamey and has a long history of use as a first name. I also like that it’s long, like Sebastian and Theodore — until now the girls’ names have been short, and until Bosco the boys’ names were long, so it’s kind of cool to switch it up with a longer girl’s name. There are lots of nickname possibilities: Maggie, Maddie, Molly, and Magda are some that I’d consider (Magda has that Brit feel to me).

(3) Verity
Ever since watching Poldark (which I happen to know Grace is a little bit into), I’ve loved the name Verity. Not only is it uncommon but familiar, which is sort of a sweet spot with naming, it’s got great faith significance in the sense that it means “truth.” It also has a little of that Puritan feeling that I get from Phoebe and Felicity, which is a feel I love.

(4) Audrey
I was surprised to find Audrey listed as style match for Dominic, so I looked it up in the BNW and a good number of the names listed as similar to it are ones I could see fitting in really well at Camp Patton, like Claire, Evelyn, Charlotte, Elliott, and Luke. I thought about it for a bit, and since Audrey Hepburn is its overwhelming association for me, and she herself was British (not to keep harping on the British thing), I started to really feel it. It’s classy, and literary (Shakespearean, no less: As You Like It), and saintly (though it took me a few minutes to find a version of her story that was uplifting).

(5) Mary/Maria + _____
I mentioned the possibility of a Mary+ name in my last consultation, and it’s on the list again! I’m a big fan of balance in baby naming, which I realize works better on storybook families than those in the real world, and it’s so totally not a big deal whether sibling names have that aesthetic composition that makes me sigh with contentment, but as many of you know I do often find myself trying to come up with names that “bridge” different styles in the names of the already-born children. With Bosco’s name having a different feel than his big sibs, I wanted to offer an idea that might make sense of it beyond the [very real and awesome] “Catholic names all go together by virtue of them being Catholic names” idea (which I myself have happily employed in the naming of my own children). To that end, I thought a Mary+ double would be just the thing, as putting Mary in front of virtually any name makes it (1) totally doable for a girl and (2) gives it a Catholic oomph, and (3) there’s the added layer of a double first name being unusual enough that it can fit in with all sorts of unusual names. There were a few ideas I liked for this idea (and I liked Maria as much as or better than Mary in some examples):

  • Mary Simone or Maria Simone: I mentioned above that if Dad Patton can’t get on board with Simon for a boy’s first, maybe he wouldn’t mind it as a middle for a boy OR a girl. I really love the idea of Mary Simone or Maria Simone, *especially* if a nickname like Maisie is used! You know I’m a fan of those firstname+middlename mashup nicknames! I think Mary/Maria Simone nicked Maisie would be amazing. (And they could even go with the old English pronunciation of Maria if they wanted, which is like Mariah — I know a little girl who has Maria-pronounced-like-Mariah for a middle name.)
  • Mary Tess or Maria Tess: I like Tess for them anyway, but I don’t feel like Therese/T(h)eresa is exactly their style. But Mary Tess or Maria Tess are sweet! She could go by the double name, or just Tess on the day-to-day.
  • Mary Elliott, or Mary Emmett, or Mary Bennett: One of my favorite things to do with a Mary+ double is to pair it with a boy name or a surname (this is my second surname suggestion). It feminizes the second name without making it seem like a girl name, if that makes any sense, and gives the very Catholic & traditional Mary+ construction a little whimsy and unexpectedness while still staying grounded. Elliott, Emmett, and Bennett are all names I liked for them for a boy, but ultimately cut them from my final list — this would be a neat way to work them in in a different way. (Elliott is a variant of Elijah, Emmett is actually from a surname deriving from Emma, and Bennett is a medieval variant of Benedict, so lots of patron saint options here.)

A last note about girl names: There were several that I considered last time that didn’t make the cut then or now, including Penelope, Imogen(e), Genevieve, Iris or Ivy, Lydia, Corinne, and Liv. This time around, the ones that I considered but ultimately decided not to include on this girl list include Alice, Zara, Lydia (for the second time … hmmm), and Natalia.


(1) Oliver
I honestly don’t know why I didn’t suggest Oliver last time — I love it for the Pattons!! It did tremendously well in my research, being similar to Julia, Sebastian, Phoebe, Felicity, and Simon. Wow! In this consultation from a couple months ago, a family (who already has a Dominic and a Kolbe — like Dominic on the Pattons’ list and Kolbe has a similar feel to Bosco to me) who was considering Oliver explained, “We like Oliver Plunkett’s story because in today’s culture it is hard to be a faithful Catholic. We’d like any name-sake to be an example of how to live out the faith when facing persecution or other challenges” — I love that! Additionally, though it seems that Oliver is not etymologically related to “olive,” it’s close enough that it could be a nod to Our Lady of the Olives, and you all know what a sucker I am for a Marian boy name! A reader also pointed this out to me from Psalm 128:

“Your wife will be like a fruitful vine
within your home,
Your children like young olive plants
around your table.”

Um, pretty accurate I’d say (in the very very best way!). 😉 In that same consultation, I also suggested middle names for Oliver and I thought some of the combos might appeal to the Pattons as well: Oliver Nathaniel, Oliver James, Oliver Matthias.

(2) Isaac
Isaac has been on my own list for a long time, I love it! I love that it’s biblical, which I’m sure it’s why it was listed as a style match for Julia and Phoebe, and I love that it’s saintly — St. Isaac Jogues is one of the North American Martyrs (their shrine is near me and a local church is named after him, so the name really has taken on more of a saintly feel than biblical for me). It’s got great nickname options in Ike and Zac.

(3) Gabriel
Gabriel is a fantastic name for a little boy. It’s biblical, saintly, angelic, and Marian, which covers all the bases! It’s a style match for Xavier, Simon, Dominic, and has great nickname options: Gabe is friendly and boyish; Gil is bookish and dreamy in a Gilbert Blythe sort of way.

(4) Alexander
Alexander is a long name name like Sebastian and Theodore; it’s papal and saintly and pan-European; but what really encouraged me to put it on the list was the nickname Xander. Grace lamented once that they didn’t save Xavier for a first name, and in my experience people who like Xavier often like Xander. BUT, if she and Simon don’t care for Xander but like Alexander, Sander’s my recent favorite nickname for it. There’s Alex too, of course, which is such a classic.

(5) Nathaniel
Finally, Nathaniel, a style match for Sebastian, Simon, Caroline, and Julia according to my research, but also having some of that Puritan/Pilgrim feel of Phoebe and Felicity. It’s such a handsome, serious name with the great nickname Nate.

The boy names that I considered but ultimately cut from my final list included Tobias (I really loved this one for them, but I just kept thinking that the long O and the B, especially if they used the nickname Toby, was too much with Bosco and Theo and Diego), Tristan (a name moms tend to like and dads tend to not, in my experience), Benedict/Bennett and Benjamin, Matthias (I’m trying to remember why I didn’t include it?), Samuel, Joseph, Henry, Elliott, Emmett, and Jude.

And those are all my ideas! What do you all think? What name(s) would you suggest for the little brother or sister of Julia, Sebastian, Theodore, Phoebe, and Bosco?


190 thoughts on “Baby name consultation: Patton Camper No. 6!

  1. LOVE this list so much!

    For a boy Simon Oliver (calling him Ollie), and I love Nathaniel as well. Some good stuff on that list.
    For a girl I am partial to Magdalene. I also love Emmeline. Verity is so unique it would totally fit in the Patton monicker.

    Good stuff here to chose from. Of course there is a saint named Courtney Elizabeth I am rather fond of as well. Just saying (wink, wink)

    Cant wait to see what you all choose.

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  2. One of my FB friends has a Mary Violet. It’s not a name commonly paired with Mary, and I think it’s so lovely. (Of course, I’m partial to the name Violet!) I have an Elanor Mary, and I think it would work just as well in reverse as Mary El(e)anor. Mary Ingalls was Mary Amelia.

    I lobbied hard for baby #6 to be Rose Victoria, but I couldn’t bring my husband around (for some reason he doesn’t like Rose as a first name). I’d love for someone else to use it, though! Another name idea I had with my middle daughter was Violet Victoria, nn Vivi, which I think would be super cute with the Patton sibset.

    Re: boys – I love the suggestions of Oliver and Xander! I think Matthew would be a great addition to their sibset as well. I also like Phillip for them, but it might be too matchy with Phoebe.

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  3. Oh, also, what about Rosemary? I think it pairs well with Julia and Phoebe, has an old-fashioned tang reminiscent of Felicity, and it has lots of great nickname possibilities (Rose, Mary, Rosie, Marie, Mimi). There’s also the variant Rosemarie, or Rosalie.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. LOVE Verity and Audrey for the girls’ names. *insert heart eyes here* Also, Oliver is high on our list…so I’m partial. 😉
    I do love a good strong name like Alexander, with the strong nickname of Alex. And as a teacher…I’m not a huge fan of the nickname Xander…the Xanders that I’ve had have been more inclined to be trouble makers. Coincidence? Maybe. 🙂

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  5. I love baby names! What an awesome post. Grace- thanks for leading me here. Love Emmeline, Emme-LEEN, Magdalene, Mary Simone- Maisy- so cute! I’m from the south and catholic so double names make me smile. I can also see Patton #6 an Oliver or Gabriel. What a fun post to noodle over.

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  6. All great suggestions! I was almost named Immaculata – I guess “Imma” for short? My mother is from Spain and my bday is December 7. 😊


  7. I know a lady who has a Felicity but they call her City, which I think it the cutest! I love the name Magdalena and Verity is pretty as well. Unfortunately I do think certain names just have a conitation with them wether you want them to or not and Damien is one of them. You say Damien and I think evil child or Satan lol not to mention the two Damiens I’ve known have been super angry individuals so that name is permanently ruined for me! Lol I do love the name Oliver (Ollie is a cute nick name!) and I think Oliver Simon Patton has a nice ring!

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  8. We are expecting our fifth kid and we have some names quite similar to Patton family’s one. As we are a chilean-swiss family, we opt for short names and easy to prononce in French and in Spanish. Our children’s name are : Stella, Alma, Bosco and Gracia. We are still deciding about the n° 5’s name. Anyways, I would sugest to Grace for a baby girl the name : Alma. It has a very special and Marian meaning: in Latin, it means : Fecund, as Mary gave us the most beautiful fruit: Jesus and in aramean it means : virgin. So Mary as Mother and Virgin. In addition, in spanish it means soul… It has been a very good choice for us, and our girl, who is 6, loves her name, in spite of being unusual, but so meaningfull for her. Her nickname is Mimi.

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  9. My vote is Felicity for a girl- Cece for short. My best friend growing up mom’s name was Cece and she was just the coolest and Everyone loved saying ‘Cece’!
    For a boy- am I the only one who associates the name Damian (Damien) with the devil?! For reals! All I think of is The Omen movie…
    I definitely vote for Oliver. Or my humble offering- Louis Oscar.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I had the same thought! I was only worried Evie and Phoebe would sound too similar -too bad because I love that name and cannot get hubby on board at all!

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Ok I love love love Simone nickname Mona… too much of a saint stretch? I also love Alexander nickname Xander (I’m also a teacher and had the sweetest boy name Xander), Magdalene nickname Magda, and Tobias!

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  11. I love all of their names and Kate (as usual) has some great suggestions

    For a boy I like Ambrose or Blaise

    For a girl I love Lydia or Hannah

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  12. These are all such great names!
    I love Felicity!! Fe or Fi could be her nickname. Short and sweet. Our daughter’s name is Fiona (another great option) and we call her Fi or Fia.
    Caroline is also a beautiful name, and I like Linnie for short.
    Mia is a great nickname for Mary/Maria.
    For a boy, I love Tobias/Toby. It’s perfect for a little boy, but easy to grow into as well.

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  13. Love all the names!
    Our little 4 year old daughter is Felicity. We pretty much always call her by her full name but some family and friends call her Fifi or Fliss 🙂

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  14. So my original thought before reading her no “o” ending names was Banneux nicknamed Beux. She could still use the full name though because Banneux is technically pronounced Ban-new. So maybe? 🤷🏻‍♀️

    I love your suggestion of Verity for a girl. I think I’d add Juniper to that list! Juniper would tie in the feel of the name Felipe too, not to mention a nice patron of Junipero Serra. & then I also think Adelaide should start making its Catholic rounds. St. Adelaide of Burgundy was an awesome saint!! It also has a similar style to Phoebe and is longer like you suggested.

    For a boy I still like your suggestion last time around to do Francis nicknamed Finn. Definitely fits her cute nicknames for Theo and Bash.

    I remember

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  15. So much good here! I always admire the Patton kids names, so the new babe certainly has a lot to live up to!
    For a boy, I really like Damian and Simeon. But I also like a lot of the above suggestions for Felix with a nod to Felipe… Felix Simon Patton???
    I pretty much love all of the girl names. The Mary + names and Verity seem top to me, but I’m also partial to Emmeline.
    I have and Autumn Imogene and Shiloh Emmaline. We tend to go Natural/biblical/old fashioned/family names I guess? Mystery Baby #3 coming at the end of the summer for us and I am at a loss for names (even though we have never chosen a name until the delivery room and top names always get swapped out). Right now husbands #1 boy name is Josiah, which I like…. but it seems like I see Josiah used a LOT these days. I am liking Josiah Cedar and Josiah Alan. But I’m also liking Abel, Cannon, and Eamon.
    For a girl, I’m stumped. I feel like my girls names fit so well together and individually. I like Evelyn Azalea, Marian, and Clara plus a lot more but certainly don’t feel like I have any standouts yet.
    Good Luck Grace!

    Liked by 1 person

  16. My grandmother was a Magdalena- nicknamed Laney….. an option I just adore! Great suggestions and prayers for the newest Patton’s safe arrival!

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  17. What about Colette!?! 🙂 named after St. Colette of Corbie..Great 15th century French saint.
    We just had our third and named her Colette Lucille (big sis is Felicity Rose and big brother is Joseph)

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  18. I love Cecily for a girl, it’s an English form of Cecelia and has that old English feel that Felicity does. Love Damien with an E after St. Damien of Molokai. Our priests growing up were Sacred Heart priests so we heard a lot about Father Damien. I still tear up when I think of the day he addressed his congregants as ” my fellow leppers”. Damien Jude has a nice ring to it, also Damien Francis goes well with Ignatius. I also like Mary as a middle name. Caroline Mary Patton sounds very pretty.

    Liked by 1 person

  19. We would have named our third Miriam (biblical name and how cute is the nickname Mae or Miri?!) if it was a girl. BUT! He was our first boy so we went with Joseph Wellington and he goes by the nickname Wells. Love all of the suggestions I am seeing!!

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  20. I love their names! I feel that this family is into international names, so I’d suggest:



    Liked by 2 people

  21. Oops! Wish I could have added this to my other post, but I also like Nicolas (Nico) and Cecilia for this sibset. And Felix would work well, since they are already considering Felicity.

    Liked by 1 person

  22. Some suggestions:

    Aaron, Andreas, Anthony, Arlo, Arthur, Asa, Carl, Casimir, Casper, Christian, Clement/Clemens, Dennis, Evan, Evander, Ezekiel, Ezra, Fabian, Hendrix, Jonah, Levi, Lionel, Luca/Luka, Lucian, Marcel, Marcus, Nathan, Nico/Nicodemus/Niklas, Orion, Ralph, Rufus, Zachary/Zachariah.

    Adele/Adelaide, Ambrosia, Arianna, Aurora, Azalea, Celeste, Cornelia, Cosima, Delilah, Dolores/Mary Dolores/Maria Dolores, Eliza, Elena, Elodie, Emilia, Frances/Francesca, Gabriella, Harriet, Joan, Josefina, Laurel, Leonie/Leona, Luciana, Maren, Martina, Natalie/Natalia, Noa, Norah, Priscilla, Roxanne/Roxana, Stella, Zoe.

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  23. Boys: Atticus, Cyril, Benedict, Alphonse (I have a great-uncle who was a Father Alphonse, and the nickname Alfie is so cute.), Augustus (Gus!), and Sylvester
    Girls: Agatha, Aurelia (Leah), Magdelena (Maggie), Penelope, Frances, Philomena (Filly)
    My own kiddos are Samuel Emery, Sarah Jane, and Eleanor Jean.

    Liked by 1 person

  24. I really think the Pattons should reconsider the name Alvin. I mean, Alfie is climbing the charts, so why not Alvie?? So cute!


    I love that they are considering Felicity! It seems perfect. Phoebe and Phelicity would be too much, but Felicity is fine. Again, with Bosco in there, and an extra big space, it’s fine. I loved the suggestion of Tilly, and would like to add Letty/Lettie/Leti to the nickname list. It’s a great tie-in to Grace’s (I’m assuming) SW flare (ie Xavier, Diego, Felipe, Damien).

    There are so many great girl suggestions already. The only hole is the Anna- names: Ana, Anya, Annabel, Analie, etc. Also, the Elena, Helena, Lena names.

    Boy names: Oliver is great! Edmund, too. Clem, Abel, Linus, Lewis, Andre, Gilbert, George (George!!!), Josef, Jonas, Leo, Leon, Earnest, Norbert, Marion, Bennett, Oscar, August.

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  25. Felicity is so precious. We are using it for our up and coming baby girl 🙂 Don’t think its too close to Phoebe. Verity is adorable too!!

    Liked by 1 person

  26. Love Magdalene nn Magda, Evelyn nn Eve and Hazel for a girl. Oliver nn Ollie, Cyrus nn Cy, and Clive for a boy. I don’t know the movie and I’m still not a fan of Damien.

    Liked by 1 person

  27. Camilla, Christabel, Claudia, Ella, Ethel, Fatima, Kathleen, Marina, Noelle, Raphaela, Sonya / Sonia

    Claudius, Constantine, Constans, Darius, Erasmus, Etienne, Laurence, Lucius, Valentine

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