Birth announcement: Damien Edmund!

I posted a consultation for Kara and her husband at the end of September, and I’m thrilled to share that she’s let me know her little one has arrived — a little boy who’s been given the amazing name … Damien Edmund!

Kara writes,

After your consult I realised how much I really love St Damien of Molokai and it seemed like the right name. My husband was hesitant because of THAT movie, but right after he was born my husband said a little prayer and felt it was the right name. And we added Edmund for Edmund Campion and Edmund Arrowsmith. So far, all our Catholic friends love the name Damien, and non Catholics haven’t said anything negative. Reclaim the name!

You guys! I’m SO excited that Kara and her husband went ahead with Damien — such a great saint, such a great name, and I love that Dad went along with it after praying about it. And also! “Reclaim the name!” 😍💕💕💕 I guarantee it won’t take long until the people in Kara’s circle associate Damien primarily with her beautiful little boy!

Congratulations to Mom and Dad and big sibs Rosamond, Matthias, and Simeon, and happy birthday Baby Damien!!


Damien Edmund



15 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Damien Edmund!

  1. Congratulations! Damien Edmund is a wonderful choice!

    I’m surprised to see Damien on a list of names to reclaim. In my area, Damien is a fairly popular name among black boys and young men, so I don’t think of The Omen at all. Just the nice Damiens I went to school with. 🙂 It’s a great name!

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  2. Thanks for all your congratulations. Damien’s big sister has decided we should call him “Damie”. So far I seem to just be calling him “the baby”. 🙂

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