Birth announcement: Roman John!

I think I started reading The Rhodes Log blog when the mama, Kate, posted her and her husband Jacob’s love story ages ago, and in a very short+intense time I read through all the rest of her posts, and have continued to check in — I have such a love for observing others living simple, natural lifestyles (probably because I’m really bad at it myself), and building things themselves, and the lifestyles of such as the Mennonites, and I get all of that on Kate’s blog.

They’re also really great namers, having named their first two:

Jacob Ramsay (who goes by Jake, which nicely distinguishes between him and his papa Jacob)
Lucy June (who goes by Lucy June, which is just the sweetest)

So of course I was so excited when they announced they were expecting Baby Number Three! And thanks to the wonder of the internet, I can share with you all that the baby has arrived — a boy! — and he’s called … Roman John!

Roman John! I love it! Roman is one of those names I’ve had on my list for a long time, even though I just really don’t think it sounds great with our last name. And I know how some people think about alliteration and the somewhat-rhymey but I just have to say that I think Roman Rhodes is one of those hunky-and-handsome combos — like old Hollywood, like Charlie Chaplin and Greta Garbo. Or Robert Redford! And also like “roamin’ roads,” which totally fits the vibe I get from them. I love names with all sorts of layers! Nice job, Mom and Dad!

Congratulations to the whole Rhodes family, and happy birthday Baby Roman!! (Blog announcement+pictures, Instagram photo announcement)


11 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Roman John!

  1. Was just reading through Kate’s old(er) posts and clicked through to this link. I love that you love the names of my niece and nephews. While I am somewhat partial to the chunker, Romie has great opportunity for nicknames — both strong (RoMAHN, lol), little (Ro-baby) and the aforementioned, Romie, which just melts my heart.

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