Birth announcement: Edith Veronica!

Rosie from A Blog for My Mom did this great post on her blog a few months ago asking for name ideas for her baby-on-the-way — she recently had the baby and blogged (and Instagrammed and Tweeted) all about it and said it would be fine for me to post a birth announcement here as well, which I’m so excited about because I’m just dying over the name she and her husband chose — Edith Veronica!

How amazing is Edith Veronica! I LOVE that combo! 😍😍😍

She joins big sibs:

John Paul
Cecilia Therese
Elizabeth Anna (twin)
Mary Claire (twin)
Peter Damian

What an amazingly named bunch of kiddos! Congratulations to the whole family, and happy birthday Baby Edith!! (Check out those links above for pictures of her sweet little face!)


23 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Edith Veronica!

  1. I have to say Edith surprised me! All the other kids names are very early Christian/New Testament kind of names to me (even though John Paul is a very decent Pope/Saint both John and Paul are early Church). I suppose Claire is a bit later too. But Edith seems so modern! Beautiful, just wouldn’t have chosen it for Rosie!

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  2. I think they did a perfect job of naming. So pretty. I think Veronica is great. For the longest time I still associated it only with the Archie’s comic strip but now it was gone back to the mainly Christian context. LOL

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