Birth announcement: Kieran Michael!

I posted a consultation for Amy and her husband back in August, and Amy’s let me know her little guy has arrived — the handsomely named … Kieran Michael!

Amy writes,

Just writing to let you know that our newest little one arrived on November 9th, happy and healthy! We finally chose the name Kieran Michael a few weeks before he was born. I was championing Ciaran for quite awhile, but pronunciation and spelling issues won out!

We got so many wonderful suggestions from you and your readers! I told DH we need to choose a name for a potential 4th son just to be sure! We also decided to drop the 5-letter rule, and opted just for the 2 syllable and N ending. It was just too hard to continue!

Kieran is such a great name, I love it! And while I’m a sucker for Irishy Irish spellings, I do think Kieran will be easier for the little man. I’m glad too that they dropped the 5-letter rule — it makes naming so much easier, and I think the 2-syllable ends-in-N Kieran goes perfectly with big brothers:

Gavin Theodore
Ethan Robert
Auden (with Jesus)

Well done, Mom and Dad! Congratulations to the whole family, and happy birthday Baby Kieran!!


Kieran Michael



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