Birth announcement: Hope Richelle!

I posted a consultation for Sara and her husband back in October, and Sara has let me know her little girl has arrived and been given the beautiful name … Hope Richelle!

Sara writes,

Hi Kate!  I’m finally getting around to let you know we had our baby girl on October 28th.  We named her Hope Richelle. We still weren’t sure when we went to the hospital what we were going to name her. I was induced on Wednesday, and she wasn’t born until Friday (the feast day of St. Jude, patron saint of hopeless causes). We knew her name had to be Hope because last year, her brother Jude was born into heaven on December 3, 2015. We know she will always have a special guardian angel watching over her.  🙂 Richelle is my middle name, after my dad, Richard.”

How amazing is it that Hope was born on the feast of St. Jude — the name of her big brother in heaven? How wonderful! ♥ I love Hope with Richelle — an unexpected family name is so great! And I love the whole name with big sibs:

Kolbe Conrad
Jameson Clare
Elsie Jo
Jude Francis

Congratulations to the whole family, and happy birthday Baby Hope!!


Hope Richelle


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