Birth announcement: Emily’s boy!

Hooray!!! Emily posted her birth announcement!!!!!!!! Her little guy has been given a very handsome name: George Stephen!

Grace (capital G) was the first to suggest George, followed by grace (small g) and eclare — good thinking ladies!! This blog would not be what it is without all of you!

Be sure to hop over there and see his beautiful face. Congratulations to Mom and Dad and big brother Simon, and happy birthday Baby George!!


7 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Emily’s boy!

  1. ohmygoodness!! Even though he was already born when I suggested George, I still feel kinda proud for suggesting it 🙂 George Stephen is an insanely handsome name, and Simon and George ❤ Congrats to the Barnes Family!

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  2. George Stephen is an amazing name…I think I even love it more than Simon Matthew! Both are fantastic, of course, but George Stephen has that magical quality, like you know you’ve hit on something extraordinary.

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