Birth announcement: Juliet Rose!

Krystin’s consultation posted at the end of August for their little green bean (=gender unknown), and she emailed me today to let us know the baby has arrived! She writes,

Hi Kate! I wanted to update you on the birth of our little GIRL (we didn’t know the gender beforehand!) She was born on 9/13/15 and we named her Juliet Rose, one of your suggestions 🙂 My husband and I both fell in love with the name and we feel like it fits our baby girl perfectly! Thanks again for your insights and suggestions!

Juliet Rose! Can you hear me sighing with happiness through the computer?? Juliet is one of my very favorite names in the whole world, and paired with Rose? I mean, come on. Goooorgeous with a capital G.

Congratulations to Mom and Dad and big sibs Luke, Bennett, and Tessa, and happy birthday Baby Juliet!!


Juliet Rose

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