The dads in your life will thank you

WARNING: If you’re one of those people who gets totally annoyed by Amazon affiliate link-heavy posts, please click away! And pretend you never saw this!

I’ve been thinking of adding gift ideas to my “Resources and recommendations” page, because I think it would be helpful to you all — baby shower gifts, for example, or gifts for baptisms, First Holy Communion, Confirmation, Christmas, etc., gifts that are related to faith and family and of course names (when possible), all of which are at the heart of my blog — and it would be helpful to me and my fledgling participation in the Amazon Affiliates program, so I’m hoping you don’t mind this mutually beneficial gift-ideas post too much?

I was browsing for Father’s Day on Amazon today, which made me think it might a good time to try this idea, because I saw some really cute things. Like “Happy First Father’s Day!” onesies — I mean, really. How cute. Or the “Like Father … Like Son” matching adult T-shirt and baby onesie set. Or perhaps the “I am your Father’s Day gift” onesie. (Can you tell I really like the onesie idea?) Fear not! I also liked (loved) the *new* “Coolest Dad Ever” Star Wars (!) shirt and the “How to say ‘Dad’ in eight different languages” socks. I mean really, What Dad doesn’t want these things?! 😛

Or maybe tchotchke-type things? Like the “To Daddy on our first Father’s Day” picture frame (there were actually a bunch of different ones like this). The “Best Dad Ever” regular mug or travel mug. The titanium “Dad” ring engraved on the inside with “Love you Dad.” A Willow Tree statue of a dad with his two little girls (totally reminds me of my dad and my two youngest sisters, who we will always and forever call “the little girls,” much to their chagrin) (they’re 25 and 27).

I’m a big fan of books as presents, both to give and receive — you too? Or not at all? I thought these were good ideas for a dad on Father’s Day (disclaimer: I haven’t read any of them, but I’ve seen the first two highly recommended by trustworthy sources, like, and the third just sounded like a good Father’s Day gift):

Man to Man, Dad to Dad: Catholic Faith and Fatherhood, by Brian Caulfield
Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters: 10 Secrets Every Father Should Know, by Meg Meeker
Dad’s Playbook: Wisdom for Fathers from the Greatest Coaches of All Time, by Tom Limbert

(I did a search for “baby name books for dads” but didn’t like any of the results. Sorry Dads, I know you’re bummed.)

(I also did a search for “book of saints for catholic dads” — there’s one for Moms, but not for Dads!)

And there were a couple things for grandfathers too, like “The Grandfather” t-shirt (a take on The Godfather) and the “Keep Calm and Papa Will Fix It” shirt (this could be for those dads who go by “Papa” too).

Done! Those are my ideas! If they’re helpful, I’m delighted! If you hate them, and this post, and my audacity, then … I don’t know what. Hopefully that’s not the case!

4 thoughts on “The dads in your life will thank you

  1. Thank you, dear!

    To be honest: I almost got sassy and teased you about this post 😉 “Those are my ideas! If they’re helpful, I’m delighted! If you hate them, and this post, and my audacity, then … I don’t know what. Hopefully that’s not the case!” totally made me chuckle!

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