Leprechaun names

Our reader (and my mum) irishnannie has her own blog connected with her book, Finney Hides the Pot o’ Gold (the first in the The Adventures of Finney the Leprechaun series), and not only is it thoroughly Catholic (it’s written in Finney’s voice, speaking to children, teaching them about God and how much He loves us and other truths of our faith), but it’s also all in rhyme! (Which is just amazing to non-poet me, and so fun to read out loud. My boys love hearing about Finney’s shenanigans.)

Anyway, today’s post is called “Namin’s” and it’s all about Finney’s family’s names! He’s got quite a few relatives and all with gorgeous Irishy Irish names. Pronunciations are explained too, which is always the kicker with those kinds of names. I think you’ll enjoy reading about Finney and his family!

3 thoughts on “Leprechaun names

  1. I am humbled by such wonderful words from my lovely, accomplished, “amazin’ ” first born!
    Go raibh maith agat! (sounds like go rev mah a-got — means thank you in the Irish!)
    I love hearing all the thoughts of you younger Moms…seems like God has blessed you all with beautiful Family life!
    Sacred Heart of Jesus, please bless each one of us!

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