Birth announcement: Tiber Augustine!

I posted such a fun consultation for Ali and her husband back in February, and Ali’s let me know her little guy has arrived and been given the fantastic name … Tiber Augustine!

If you remember, Ali had said, ““We are charismatic Catholics so if you’re feeling creative and want to put a crazier name in the mix, that would be awesome,” and Tiber was one of my ideas — so fun that it hit the right note for them!

Congratulations to Ali and her hubs and big brothers Max and Zack, and happy birthday Baby Tiber!!


Tiber Augustine


Birth announcement: James Jeffrey!

I posted a consultation for Theresa back in February, and she’s let me know her baby boy has arrived and been giving the handsome name … James Jeffrey!

Theresa writes,

Hi there Kate! So we did have our baby boy on his due date May 4, weighing 7 lb and all went well with labor and delivery, I was sort of induced that morning with just a very small amount of pitocin, I say that because I was actually contracting the night before and was dilated to about 5cm by the morning. I loved reading all the comments that were posted on [the consultation] and one of the moms who posted actually picked a name that we did finally name him … James Jeffrey! St. James the lesser feast is May 3 and then funny thing is St. James the greater feast is July 25 my birthday!

we are calling him James for now, I do have some friends and siblings who are calling him JJ too! I didn’t know or realize at the time that I guess the name James is making a comeback and on the list for popular boys names now too!

Thanks again so much, this was really fun!!

I loved reading this!! If you remember, Theresa wasn’t sure of the best way to incorporate her brother’s name, and I love what she ended up with! And congratulations to L, who suggested the winning combo!

Congratulations to Theresa and her hubs and big sibs Mary, John, Lucy, and Joseph, and happy birthday sweet Baby James!!

James Jeffrey (he was born on May 4th! May the 4th be with you! 😀 )

Birth announcement: Edmund Alphonsus!

I posted a consultation and birth announcement for Monica’s last baby, and she’s let me know she’s had another wonderful boy, given the so-handsome name … Edmund Alphonsus!

Monica writes,

I was reading the consult Abby did for you and thought you’d appreciate hearing our newest babe’s name. You did a consult for us for our last child (Fulton Michael). I intended to ask for one for this baby too, but we are crazy and decided to build a house mid pregnancy so I have barely been able to remember to tie my shoes and totally spaced it until it was too late. 😆

Our other kids are —
Cora Marie
Levi Alphonsus (with Jesus)
Regina Marie
Fulton Michael

And our newest — Edmund Alphonsus

What a great bunch of kids! And I love that they used Alphonsus again, as he’s Monica’s husband’s favorite saint. ❤

Congratulations to the whole family, and happy birthday Baby Edmund!!

image2 (3)

Edmund Alphonsus

Birth announcement: Magnus Xavier!

I posted a consultation for Katie and her husband back in March, and Katie has let me know that their baby has been born — a little boy! They gave him the incredible name … Magnus Xavier!

Katie writes,

Matt and I are thrilled to announce the birth of our third child, a BOY (who I was convinced was a girl the entire pregnancy, ha!). We decided to name him Magnus Xavier, with the possible nickname Max. Someone commented on your consultation with the idea of Magnus and we both loved it. When he arrived on Holy Thursday, March 29th, at 9lbs 13oz and our eyes met, he struck my husband and I as a Magnus! We are naming him in honor of the Blessed Mother, and the Magnificat more specifically. Xavier is in honor of St. Francis Xavier, and we’re going with the “egg-ZAY-vee-ur” pronunciation. He joins big sister Julianna Marie, and big brother Matthew Aurelius.

Thank you so much for your ministry!

Magnus Xavier! Possibly nicknamed Max! And they found Magnus in the comments on the post!! mbmom7 and Mary-Agnes both suggested it, with Mary-Agnes specifically mentioning the Magnificat connection. How wonderful!! You guys rock!! If you remember, they specifically wanted a “sanctified version of a viking, gladiator, medieval knight” name, and I think they totally nailed it.

Congratulations to Katie and Matt and big sibs Julianna and Matthew, and happy birthday Baby Magnus!!


Magnus Xavier

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Birth announcement: Bridget Rose!

A mama I did a private consultation for has let me know her baby has arrived — a little girl given the beautiful name … Bridget Rose!

She joins five big siblings with the fantastic names:

John Paul
Mary Grace

What a wonderful family!! Congratulations to all of them, and happy birthday Baby Bridget!!

image2 (8)

Bridget Rose

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Birth announcement: Aesop Ambrose!

I posted a consultation back in September for Amina and her husband for their little green bean, and Amina’s let me know the baby has arrived — a boy! He’s been given the awesome, bold name … Aesop Ambrose!

Amina writes,

I wanted to let you know we welcomed our 5th baby (a boy!), Aesop Ambrose on March 24. He joined his sibs Casimir Wesley, Miette Faye, Errol Shepherd, and Petra Frances. He’s quite dreamy. We opted for the middle name Ambrose after Saint Ambrose, one of the 4 doctors of the Church, and love it’s meaning “immortal,” reminding us of the immortality of his sweet soul.”

I really love Aesop paired with Ambrose, such a cool combo and a perfect fit with his big siblings!

Congratulations to the whole family, and happy birthday Baby Aesop!!

Aesop Ambrose with his brothers and sisters ❤

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Birth announcement: Walter Jude!

I received the most wonderful email from a reader, Kasey, who wanted to let me know that the blog was helpful in naming her baby! She and her husband welcomed a baby boy and gave him the fantastic name … Walter Jude!

She writes,

My husband and I are thrilled to announce that Walter Jude arrived on April 4, 2018, joining older siblings Vincent Michael (age 3.5) and Brigid Rose (age 2). Vinny is named after St. Vincent de Paul and St. Michael the Archangel (and his papa). Brigid (sometimes known as Gigi) is named after St. Brigid of Ireland and the Blessed Mother under her title the Mystical Rose. Walter is named for St. Walter of Pontoise and St. Jude Thaddeus the apostle. We aren’t sure yet if Walter will have a nickname or call name other than his given name, but time will tell!

Aren’t these wonderful names?? I love the combo Walter Jude! I love how heavy hitting his big sibs’ names are! And Gigi for Brigid is SO cute!!

Congratulations to the whole family, and happy birthday Baby Walter!!

Edited to add: Kasey said it would be fine to add that she guest blogs at Balanced Breastfeeding, which I know some of you might find helpful.


Walter Jude and his brother and sister ❤