Birth announcement: Georgia Katherine!

I posted a consultation for Zoey’s little green bean back in March and I’m thrilled to share that her baby GIRL has arrived and been given the absolutely perfect name … Georgia Katherine!

Zoey writes,

Our baby girl finally decided to join us on Sunday (5 days late!) and we are completely overjoyed, and totally surprised to have a daughter! We named her Georgia Katherine 😊

I broke my own ‘rules’ since I originally said no K/Catherine but it turns out that name really grew on me! Katherine was also my husband’s grandmother’s name and I love being able to use the short form Kate to give her a real southern sounding double barrel name — Georgia Kate! 

Also, my husband was insisting on a Italian name, remember his family is super Italian, so we have also been calling her Gia! I don’t know how we did it but we found the perfect name, and oh it suits her so well! She’s also already gotten other cutesy names like Princess Peach 😆

On an even more interesting note, my nana did end up passing about two weeks before Georgia was born, I had already totally fallen in love with the name and just could not get on board with using one of my nana’s name(s). I started kind of feeling guilty but knew she would love having another great grand no matter the name. Well while my dad was going through some of her things, he found an obituary from 1902, which belonged to my nana’s great-great-grandfather and within it his wife was mentioned — Georgiana Maria. So she got a family name from my nana after all!! It totally feels meant to be, like God gave me this name knowing it was for our little girl. My dad found this the day after she was born

Thank you so much for all your help in the naming process!

Isn’t this amazing?? When I read that Zoey had written, “I don’t know how we did it but we found the perfect name,” I thought yes! Exactly! This is the perfect name for this baby! It’s such a perfect fit with her big brothers’ names, and the family connection totally gave me goosebumps (my mom calls them “holy bumps”!)!

Congratulations to Zoey and her husband and big brothers Austin and Elijah, and happy birthday Baby Georgia!!

Georgia Katherine

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