Birth announcement: Heidi Rose!

I posted a consultation for Elise and her husband back in January, and I’m delighted to share that the baby has arrived — a sweet little girl with the absolutely beautiful name … Heidi Rose!

Elise writes,

So our little GIRL was born on 3/13/23 after a quick labor (we were admitted for about an hour before she was born). We named her Heidi Rose. A few weeks before she was born my husband came home from work and said “What about Heidi if the baby is a girl?” We had tossed that name around briefly with Felicity — we liked the alliteration — but clearly didn’t go with it at the time. When he mentioned it, I of course went to various sites and found it was very close in popularity to Felicity (380s) and fit the recognizable/uncommon angle we were going for. Then I had gone back to your recommendations and realized Heidi is a NN for Adelheid (German variation of Adelaide — one of your suggestions). When she was born we felt Heidi fit better than Lucy (we tossed Florence out of the mix about the same time Heidi got thrown in) so Heidi Rose she was named. Plus we can still use a G name if we go for baby #3 in the future to continue the alphabet 😂 Thank you again!

I am absolutely in love with the name Heidi Rose! So lovely!

Congratulations to Elise and her hubby and big sister Felicity Hope, and happy birthday Baby Heidi!!

Heidi Rose and her big sister Felicity Hope

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