Nicknames: Aloysius and Elizabeth

One of my favorite things is interesting nicknames for more formal given names — the more interesting the better.

I recently read about the nickname “Ish” for Aloysius, which I’d never heard before. And nicknames for Elizabeth, which might win the prize for most numerous of any name, are discussed here, with a link to a longer list here. Some of my favorites: Tess, Betsey, Liza, Ellie, Liesl/Liesel, and Liddy. And I know of an Elizabeth nicknamed Libbet.

Do you know of any interesting or unusual nicknames for more formal given names?


2 thoughts on “Nicknames: Aloysius and Elizabeth

  1. I’m expecting my second and have started reading the archives of your blog. My name is Elizabeth and I generally go by the whole thing, but my great grandpa has always called me Libby, and because of the way one of my sisters attempted to say Elizabeth (“Billis”), my nickname among immediate family is Billy.

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