Another mama needing prayers

Our reader Grace, who gave birth to her beautiful Marigold Thérèse in November after asking for our prayers, needs prayers again. Her milk supply seems to be failing — Marigold isn’t gaining well — and while the most important thing to Grace is, of course, that Marigold grows and is healthy (and she’ll do whatever she needs to do to help make that happen), Grace really loves breastfeeding and doesn’t want anything to jeopardize it. So please pray for her and Marigold, that they both remain happy and healthy. Our Lady of La Leche and St. Anne, please pray for them!


5 thoughts on “Another mama needing prayers

  1. Hi.

    This is Ann Crouth…we met over the summer at the VBS in Amsterdam…

    Please know I will be praying for Grace & Marigold…this happened to me when my daughter, Caroline, was about 1 month old….if Grace really wants to continue nursing, please encourage her to talk with her doctor &/or someone from La Leche…I was told to set up a nursing/pumping schedule and stick to it as closely as possible (very tiring but, it helped keep my milk production up) AND to take the natural supplement fenugreek…I bought mine at GNC…don’t remember exactly my dosage or how many I took a day but, I am confident this is what really helped with my milk production…I really wanted to continue to nurse Caroline and thanks be to God, I was able to…she’s my third child and I ended up nursing her longer than I did my two boys…I think she was around 22 months when she weaned…hope this is helpful info…again, I will continue to pray for the whole situation.

    Love & prayers,

    Ann ❤️

    Veni Sancti Spiritu


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