Prayers for Charlotte

Happy feast of the birthday of Our Lady!!

A longtime and devoted reader needs prayers, big time. We’ve prayed for Charlotte before through her surgery for endometriosis and she was so hopeful that not only would the surgery heal her but also that it would preserve her ability to have children one day. She’s had some major setbacks though and she’s in constant pain and she’s asking for prayers again from all of you:

Hi Kate – random, but I was wondering if you’d mind asking your readers for some prayers again. I’m off to the doctor in about an hour to talk about what would be involved in a hysterectomy, and next week I talk to a different doc about what would be involved with long term pain management. We’ve been pumping medicine and hormones into my body for several months now (the last hormone to be added, about two months ago, has resulted in me gaining 50+ pounds, which isn’t helping my health at all), I feel awful much of the time, because of shots I get every months I get nauseous and I deal with mood swings and hot flashes (they’ve put me in a sort of temporary menopause – so fun). I don’t want to sound too complainy about all that, because I was eager to try every single option to get my adenomyosis under control after finally getting my endometriosis under control. But we’ve come to the point where those medicines and hormones aren’t fully doing the job (I still get severe pain a few times a day) and so now my choice is between the two things I was most hoping to avoid – getting a hysterectomy or getting long term pain management … So basically I’ve spent the last few days feeling pretty lousy and having absolutely no idea what I should do. I’m hoping and praying that some time soon I find some clarity or understanding – OR that my last lupron shot finally works 😀 but that’s a long shot.”

And a later update:

Today at the doc we decided to try for another three months after this next Lupron shot. We expect it to be kind of hard for me, as we can’t do as much about the pain.”

I know how much Charlotte suffers, and I know how dearly she hopes to be able to have children one day. I know a lot of you have been through similar situations! So please keep Charlotte in your prayers, and may Mother Mary and St. Anne intercede for her and bring her comfort and peace. ❤❤❤


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    • Thank you so much, Anastatia! I’ve not had to deal with PCOs but endometriosis is so hard to deal with and sometimes feels like it will never go away, so it’s always encouraging to hear about someone who’s come out on the other side of endo and found happiness!! So glad for you!!

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