Better than candy on Halloween …

… is helping those in need! You guys, our dear Charlotte needs help. We’ve prayed for her before as she struggles with her health issues and the hope of preserving her ability to have children one day. She has surgery scheduled for Nov. 20, but in the meantime her chronic pain is interfering with her ability to work, and though she’s cut expenses down to the bare minimum — even moving back home — her financial situation is dire, especially in light of her medical bills. One of her friends has set up a Go Fund Me for her, and though Charlotte would never want to ask anyone for help, I thought I’d post the link in case any of you feel moved and are able to help, even a little bit. And also, as always, please keep her in your prayers. Thank you all!! ❤❤❤


6 thoughts on “Better than candy on Halloween …

    • Charlotte- can you help me with a nickname! My boys are trying to call our littlest Gerhardt – Garry – but our last name is Coleman and clearly they have rejected Hardt. Any ideas?

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      • Hi Mary Elizabeth!! So sorry for the delayed response, things have been crazy with a surgery and a hospitalization!! You and Kate are just too sweet to think my love of coming up with nicknames isn’t just silly! I’ve had many an exasperated (but in jest) eye roll from my friends when I get going with nicknames! 🙂 🙂

        I love your little guy’s name, and I think when they’re all older and understand why Garry wasn’t ideal they’ll get a kick out of it!! There are a few nicknames that I like for Gerhardt, but I’ll start with my three favorites.

        The first is Jed (/Ged – makes more sense because it uses the actual letters in your boy’s name, but I think people may not initially know how to pronounce Ged, whereas Jed with a J seems straightforward as far as pronunciation goes! 🙂 ). I first heard of Jed in high school when we watched The West Wing – Martin Sheen’s character, Josiah Bartlet, went by Jed. I immediately LOVED the nickname. (Bonus points – I really love and adore Martin Sheen, like… I can see myself naming a baby Martin after him.. he’s Catholic and very vocal about it and really proclaims and defends the faith. I’ve heard folks say that he is “radical” [mind you… I consider myself radical lol so..] because he’s participated in several strikes and marches and protests, but not one of them went against our values and they’re usually protests trying to guarantee rights for oppressed people. He’s also vocal about being pro-life, which I really think is astounding for someone in his shoes – you don’t find many pro-life movie stars these days… Okay, that “little” side note over now!!! 😀 😀 ) I think Jed/Ged works on a little boy and totally works for a man, too. If I were ever to name a baby Gerard, Jed would be his nickname, so I think the same goes here. Besides, Jed/Ged is such a versatile name – it can sound cool and be fitting for a star athlete, but it can also just sound sturdy, which I think is a good quality in a man’s name regardless of his hobbies or skills – sturdiness, strength, resolve, determination, reliability – all attractive qualities in a man’s name, whether he’s a book nerd or a jock. Really just a great name in my opinion. 🙂

        A close second for me is Geo. Sharing the first two letters of his first name makes it a reasonable nickname. (Although – I don’t necessarily think that nicknames need to always make sense. For example, I went to high school with a kid called Chester…. turns out his actual name is Joseph, and none of us knew it until his name was called at graduation LOL!!! But I know some folks don’t like “stretch” nicknames… so I think sharing the first two letters is a cool way to go.) Geo also shares sounds with Joseph, so to me it feels almost like a smoosh nickname. 🙂

        Okay, I have two #3 favorites, cheater! I like Harry and Gardy kinda equally for Gerhardt. I know some will think Harry is too stretchy, but h-a-r appears in his name. That makes it totally reasonable for me. (Like I love the nickname Annie for Evangeline because “an” appears in Evangeline and makes the same sound. I also like Cora for Victoria since c, o, r, and a all appear in the name. 🙂 ) And Harry is good for two reasons: one, his brothers are already trying to call him Garry, so Harry should be an easy transition and; Har y is a name that wears well over a life. Works great on a baby, a kid, a teen, and a man. And Gardy! Don’t get me started. I love it. I think it’s upbeat, approachable, fun. Yankee player Brett Gardner goes by this nickname, so it’s also pretty familiar. I really, really like this option.

        There are others I really like too: Geordie (might cause some confusion if people think it’s automatically a George, but I think that’s easy enough to correct), Hart, Rett or Red (love these too since some similar sounds, letters from the full name, and I just think they are ~cool~), Jet, Harty, Hardy, Arty, Tad or Tag or Ted (these work for me since the letters appear in the full name – they’re stretchy because of sound, but I completely think that’s okay), Gerry (instead of Garry?), Reg/Reggie (most of the letters are in the full name, so friendly, and again, friendly), Dart (especially if he grows to kinda fulfill this haha – maybe an athlete name), and Garth. And then things that feel connected to the name, the baby’s personality, or the patron saints (or the patron’s occupation, how s/he is portrayed in art, etc. (Happy, Books, H2, Smiles ,Iggy, Belcher are all names I heard growing up. Decker and Porter are occupational names related to saints that I’ve heard. 🙂

        Good luck!! Can’t go wrong!!!!

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