Birth announcement: George Curtis!

Kendra from Catholic All Year‘s been on my list to hound about posting a birth announcement for her littlest guy, but then last week she posted his birth story! So it’s a perfect time to post his birth announcement! 😀 I did a birth announcement for her no. 8 two years ago, and I’m delighted to do so for no. 9!

I probably could have posted it back when he was born — on the 4th of July no less! — since Kendra grammed it all, but it works out better this way because birth story! I love birth stories!

Little man’s name is George Curtis, and as she explained in that initial IG post,

George is a family name on both sides, and the boys all love St. George and the dragon, plus with the July 4th bonus of George Washington and Bl. Pier Georgio Frassati, it seemed perfect! The only thing missing is a nickname, all the other brothers have one. 🤔”

So of course I had to offer some ideas:

I love the traditional George nickname Geordie, and I’ve seen Geo a few times, which is also cool. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

And then Charlotte jumped in — she is the QUEEN of nickname ideas!

I like George on its own, as well as the usual Georgie. (I also think @sanctanomina ‘s suggestion of Geordie is pretty cool!) If neither of those feel right, though, I think a really neat possibility for your George is the nickname Jet. It’s got the same beginning sound of George immediately followed by a T for Tierney, and what would make it really special and fun is the connection to his namesake – if I remember correctly from your blog, wasn’t your dad a pilot?! I’m sorta loving the idea of “jet” as a nickname for a baby named after a pilot!!! :)”

To which Kendra responded,

yes! He’s named after a fighter pilot. 😎”

If I remember correctly, I’ve seen Georgie a time or two in some of Kendra’s posts? But in his birth story he’s firmly George, and there’s also this, which I’m dying over:

“… we had two different names picked for a girl, one if she was born on July 4th, one for if she was born on other than July 4th, so I needed two different blankets. A boy baby was going to be George either way

Two different names picked for a girl — a 4th of July name and a non-4th of July name. Is anyone else DYING to know what they were? Will we ever know?? I totally respect parents’ right to keep their name ideas secret. No one will die over the not knowing. Not literally anyway. #offeritup 😉

Congratulations to Kendra and her hubs and all of his big sibs, and happy birthday Baby George!!


19 thoughts on “Birth announcement: George Curtis!

  1. Kendra commented of facebook about her choices for a girl: Liberty (for the 4th of July) and Barbara (for any other dates).
    I love George! I would like to know if Curtis is a family name, too.

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    • Thank you for sharing this!! I’m so interested by both choices for a girl! I thought I read somewhere that Curtis is a family name, but when I was writing the post this morning I couldn’t find that info so maybe I imagined it?


      • Yes! Curtis is my dad’s name, and it was his mother’s maiden name.

        The husband, a former Marine artillery officer, got to pick both. Liberty was just too tempting for a July 4th girl. We would have called her Libby, which I think goes with the other nicknames. And Barbara is the patron saint of artillerymen. I love the retro feel of it.

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      • SO excited to read your comments Kendra!! Liberty called Libby is amazing! And I had no idea St. Barbara is the patron of artilleryman — how cool! Would you have used a nickname for Barbara?


      • I don’t know. Barbie is kind of a loaded nickname. But so is Mickey for Michael and I like that too! Also we call Mary Jane Midge, so Midge and Barbie is especially hilarious (if you’re my age anyway). Probably we would have meant to call her Barbara, but Barbie would slip in there until we stopped noticing it was weird. 😂

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  2. Does she have a Joseph yet?

    Our George shares the same patrons so we started calling him Georgio as a nickname. His brothers quickly turned that into Joe Joe and now at 3 months old we’re down to Joe and Joey. His 2nd middle name is also Joseph…

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      • Kendra shared all of her kids’ names on facebook before George’s birth and asked for name suggestions for this last baby. So these are the names:
        John Paul (Jack)
        Elizabeth Jeanne (Betty)
        Robert Benedict (Bobby)
        Augustine James (Gus)
        Anita Camille
        Francis Patrick (Frankie)
        Louise Marita (Lulu)
        Mary Jane (Midge)

        So no Joseph. I think not having a nickname for George is cute, that way Anita is not alone anymore 🙂

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  3. I love the name George. I remember asking the midwife if my newborn looked like a George.. but ultimately he was a Thomas. BUT, if you ever decide to nickname, I think Gio would be really sweet, after Pier.

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