Birth announcement: Mary Jane!

Do you all know the blog Catholic All Year? Kendra’s the blogger and she’s got a lot of good stuff to say, but I didn’t even realize until recently that she was nearly due with her eighth baby (I didn’t even know she’d had a seventh!) so clearly I haven’t been as faithful a reader as I thought I was.

I did a little digging and found some posts that discuss her kids’ names (they’re awesome — totally retro. Like Betty and Anita retro): the first six, number seven, and number eight — Mary Jane, who was born twelve days ago, and WOW what a birth story. (I first found out the good news on Kendra’s Instagram, where she’s graciously been posting daily baby pics because whooooo doesn’t love that?!)

Congratulations to the Tierney Family, and happy birthday Baby Mary Jane!!


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