Sophie the Giraffe is Catholic

You guys. You’ll never guess what I discovered just now. You know Sophie the Giraffe? That totally hip must-have teether? The one with its own Wiki page?

It has achieved national icon status in France, according to Slate, with more sold each year (816,000 in 2010) than babies are born (796,000).

Sophie is also popular in the United States, where the toy has been available for decades and even appeared in the movie Three Men and a Baby (1987), and where it has become the best-selling baby product offered by Launched in California in the trendy Hollywood area, it became popular through word of mouth, especially on since 2008. The reasons proposed for this success are that it is marketed as eco-friendly and a growing consumer mistrust of the security and health standards of products made in China since 2007.”

Yeah, that Sophie.

Guess who it was named after.

Sophie the Giraffe, a French children’s toy, was named after Madeleine Sophie Barat because the first toy went into production on May 25, 1961, St. Sophie’s day.” (source)

Did you all know this?? Are you as amazed as I am?? I was literally just now doing a little research on St. Madeleine Sophie Barat when I came across this info. We’ve actually never had a Sophie — my oldest was born in 2004, four years before its popularity on Amazon took off, so it was never given to us and I never thought to buy it for my boys (despite the fact that everyone that I know with kids the ages of my youngers have one), but I’m kind of digging having a toy named after an awesome and awesomely-named saint! It’s definitely jumping up to the top of my must-give-to-new-moms list (along with the books of saints). So so cool.


17 thoughts on “Sophie the Giraffe is Catholic

  1. That is awesome! My son is two and we were given one when he was born. No idea that it’s been around almost 30 years! And that she’s named after a saint!

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  2. Loved this! And it so happens that I was chatting with a friend after Mass this morning and her 6 month old was playing with a Sophie giraffe; so I got to pass along the information. We got a Sophie giraffe a few years back as a gift for our 5th baby.

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  3. My little girl has a Sophie the Giraffe… she loves it (well, I need to find it again so she can continue the love). And now I am thrilled we have this trending toy, haha, that had me so perplexed at first!

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  4. […] (4) Sofia/Sophia/Sophie These names are definitely popular—Sophia is down to #3 from having been #1 from 2011 to 2013 (Sophie’s #104 and Sofia’s #14)—but they’re such great matches for this family’s taste, and really faith-y! Sophia’s a match for Lillian and Dominic, Sophie for Lily, and Sofia for Elijah. It means “wisdom,” so it’s a biblical/faith concept, and there’s a St. Sophia as well as St. Madeleine Sophie Barat who’s referred to as St. Sophie (Sophie the Giraffe was named after her!). […]


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